5-Step Guide to Choosing and Customizing Your SUP Paddle

Even the best standup paddle on earth isn’t ideal for all SUP disciplines, and even the best standup paddlers need to factor in size and skill-level to determine which paddle works best for them. Because different paddle types perform better in certain conditions, often paddlers need a few different paddles—various blade types, grips and lengths—to perform at their peak in various conditions and disciplines. All considered it’s a lot to process when purchasing a new paddle. Our five-step guide will help you pick the right paddle and customize it to suit your needs. 


Step #1
What type of paddle do I need? 

A guide to picking the right paddle for you based on paddling experience, budget and a wide range of variables.

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Step #2
What blade size do I need?

How to choose a blade-size based on paddler weight, style of paddling and a range of other considerations.

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Step #3
Which shaft is best for me?

A breakdown of the many options involved in selecting a paddle shaft—fixed-length, adjustable, three-piece, carbon content, flex and diameter—and which will perform best for you.

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Step #4
Which handle do I need?

Here we analyze different grip options to optimize your main point of connection to your paddle—the handle.

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Step #5
How long should my paddle be?

Defining the best length for your paddle based on body type, board, discipline and aspirations.

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