SUP Paddle For Short Distance & Sprint Racing Complete With Paddle Bag

Hydro SprintX


SUP Paddle For Short Distance & Sprint Racing Complete With Paddle Bag

Hydro SprintX



The first paddle made specifically for sprinting and short-distance races. The Hydro SprintX was designed to help paddlers push their limits with maximum acceleration and top speed. Every feature of this paddle is optimized for speed and winning races. With a 7.5° blade angle, a shallower power pocket, and a wider and more compact blade outline––your first stroke will generate an instant burst of acceleration. We also reduced the blade volume to speed up entry and exit, helping you maintain an extremely fast cadence for sprinting.


We designed a new tapered shaft with a high kick point flex pattern to keep stiffness in the lower portion of the shaft for instant power under extreme load, while the more flexible top section creates increased spring and reduces shoulder fatigue.


The new PowerGrip ergonomic racing handle ensures that your hand remains secure during sprinting. These two changes represent a significant upgrade on their own.


Utilizing our Advanced Flow with Power Scoop technology and built with 30T carbon and Kevlar, this is the fastest and most responsive paddle on the market. If you are serious about winning, the Hydro SprintX belongs in your paddle quiver for high intensity and short distance racing and training.


All Hydro SprintX paddles come complete with our Paddle Bag ($125 value).

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  1. A powerful addition to the BP quiver!

    Randy ‘Miles’ Hendricks-March 29, 2022 at 1:05 pm

    “My new SprintX is a powerful addition to the BP quiver, which includes the HydroX! Two bags (great design with many excellent features) hold two superb paddles depending on my mood, conditions, and desire for pure stiff power vs. power with a bit of flex (slim shaft on the Hydro). Thank you BlackProject for providing an excellent experience – from ordering to timely advice and guidance from Chris to super fast shipping and well-protected packaging of the paddle. From Miles in Spokane to Black Project in Maui, aloha and gracias.”

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