It’s time to change the game.
A completely reimagined design, the Hydro FlowX is a paddle unlike any other.
Paddle faster, for longer, with less effort.

Fins & Paddles

Black Project was founded and has been based on the north shore of Maui Hawaii since 2010, the original home of standup paddle boarding.

We are obsessed by quality and performance, in a world where seconds mean the difference between winning and losing, we work tirelessly to give our athletes an advantage.

This pursuit of standup paddling excellence has led to the development of better paddles and fins for all, no matter where you are in your paddling journey.

Designed to excel in all paddling conditions Black Project carbon SUP fins are fast, efficient and lightweight. Our fins enable paddlers to fine tune the performance and characteristics of their standup paddle boards. Our SUP fins are used by the vast majority of today’s elite paddlers who have collected world records, world titles, national and regional titles in racing, adventure and surfing.

Black Project standup paddles are lighter, more powerful and efficient. Our paddles are designed and optimized to reduce fatigue and protect your body from injury. Working with exotic materials our innovative designs will help you improve your performance and have more fun on the water. We strive to build better paddles and customize them to suit specific paddler needs on the water.

How to Choose...

Your race fin.

Different SUP disciplines, conditions and skill levels call for different types of SUP fins. Luckily, finding the fin setup that works best for your paddling style is easier than ever. This five-step guide explains the science of fins. You’ll learn about how fins work and be able to confidently choose the right fin(s) for your needs.

Your paddle.

Even the best SUP paddle isn’t ideal for all occasions. Paddlers need to consider a range of factors including their size to determine the best paddle for them. This five-step guide explains the science of paddles. You’ll learn about how paddles work and be able to confidently choose the right paddles(s) for your needs.