5-Step Guide to Choosing the Right SUP Race Fin

Different disciplines, conditions and skill levels call for different types of SUP fins. Luckily, finding the fin setup that works best for your paddling style is easier than ever. While Connor Baxter’s guide to choosing the right fin(s) breaks fins down by discipline and paddlers’ skill level, this five-step guide provides a deeper look at the actual science of fins. You’ll learn more about how fins work and be able to confidently choose the right fin(s) for your needs.

The basics of how fins influence board performance characteristics and how this affects your paddling experience.

A paddler’s experience and skill level is an important factor in choosing a SUP race fin that will unlock maximum performance and fun for all levels.
Breaking down the terms and technology used in SUP fin development so you can better understand and explain your fin’s performance.
Analyzing how different race environments influence SUP fin choice for every level of athlete.
Fin box dimensions are different for race and recreational paddle boards, quickly learn which is the right fin for your brand, model and year of board.



Sonic SUP downwind fin from Black Project

Sonic v2: Downwind SUP Fin for Maximum Agility and Speed

The art of downwinding takes lots of practice and skill. There’s a lot more variables to consider compared to flatwater paddling, but the rewards—surfing open water swell for miles—are well-worth the effort. Of course, any accomplished downwind paddler understands you need the right equipment to nail a perfect run. Two of the main performance characteristics that downwind paddlers look for are speed and maneuverability—the hallmarks of our Sonic v2 paddle board fin. Designed to further enhance the characteristics of your downwind SUP board, with the help of downwind maestro Bernd Roediger we have refined the Sonic from the original version. With a reduced cord and smaller surface area, it instantly increases the maneuverability of your board and allows paddlers to chase down swells while downwinding. This fin is also great for those who enjoy surfing their raceboards^^, as it significantly loosens up the tail to allow for quick change of direction.

Maliko v3 Downwind SUP fin

Maliko v3: Downwind SUP Fin for Intermediate to Advanced Paddlers

There’s no way around the fact that downwinding is challenging. Navigating a 14-foot board through unpredictable variables including wind, swell and current presents an intimidating task. However, it’s also true that a good downwind run is some of the most fun you’ll ever have on a standup paddleboard. While the right board and SUP paddle are important, your fin has a huge impact on your board’s handling characteristics. For most paddlers, our Maliko v3 downwind fin is the ticket to a better downwind paddling experience. Designed to improve performance and handling with enhanced glide, forgiving stability, and increased maneuverability, the Maliko v3 is ideal for intermediate to advanced paddlers navigating downwind conditions in light-to-medium wind and swell. Harnessing the flow of the water, the Maliko v3’s high-performance characteristics helps paddlers increase speed and save energy by easily linking bumps together. While more advanced paddlers may opt for our Sonic for


The Condor – Our Smallest, Lightest and Fastest SUP Race Fin

If your primary goal is achieving peak performance on a SUP raceboard, you’ll need to take a few risks along the way. That means getting outside your comfort zone in search of that extra gear—the small advantage that separates the fast paddlers from the winning ones.  Having dedicated over 12 months of extensive research and testing, we focused our energy on developing a fin that delivers unparalleled performance. A SUP race fin that’s suited not for the masses or inexperienced paddlers, but rather, for those elite paddlers who embrace a new challenge and want to maximize their on-water performance.  This is that extra gear you’ve been searching for—meet our Condor SUP race fin.  Tiger v2: SUP Race Fin for Speed and Maneuverability Ray v2: New SUP Race Fin for Increased Stability and Tracking BUY NOW SIGNATURE SUP RACING FIN OF WORLD CHAMPION CONNOR BAXTER Determined to develop the fastest fin

Tiger v2 SUP Race Fin from Black Project and Fiona Wylde

Tiger v2: SUP Race Fin for Speed and Maneuverability

Forged from the most successful SUP race fin of all-time, the Tiger v2 makes speed and maneuverability easier and more accessible than ever—the one fin that unites all paddlers. It’s not often in sports that you get to use the same specialized equipment as the pros. You won’t get to drive Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car or swing Tiger Woods’ driver—that equipment requires a skill level that most will never achieve, nor experience. At Black Project, it’s our mission to ensure standup paddlers never face those same barriers. Our customers deserve to reap the same performance benefits that are afforded to World Champions like Arthur Arutkin or Fiona Wylde. We work closely with these elite champions to develop our premium SUP fins and deliver a significant performance advantage to every paddler—regardless of where your start line is.  No matter if you’re fighting for a SUP World Championship or a personal best


Ray v2: New SUP Race Fin for Increased Stability and Tracking

Stable paddling is fast paddling. There’s a common misconception about SUP fins that an increase in stability results in reduced speed. While that may be true for world champion paddler like Connor Baxter, Fiona Wylde or Arthur Arutkin, the vast majority of paddlers will significantly benefit from a more stable paddling experience. Our all-new Ray v2 is the fin that ensures paddlers never have to choose between stability and speed. An ideal choice for a wide-range of paddlers and various board styles, the Ray v2 enhances the performance of your board by adding stability, tracking, glide, and adjustability. While the original Ray v1 was our best-selling fin, settling for good enough will never be good enough for us. As subscribers to the Principle of Kaizen—the concept that you can always do things better, even if they seem to work well in a particular moment—we went back to the drawing board