Strike Thruster set

Thruster SUP Surfing Fins
( 3 )


Strike Thruster set

Thruster SUP Surfing Fins
( 3 )


Thruster SUP Surfing Fins For Fast & Tight Turns In Critical Wave Sections

The Strike thruster fins were designed to deliver fast, tight turns in steep, critical sections. Ideal for advanced and professional SUP surfers, the upright nature of these fins with 32.5° of rake (sweep) increases pivot for fast and snappy turns, especially when navigating hollow waves and beach breaks. For surfers looking to perform aggressive turns and maneuvers, these fins will help increase your speed and dare you to smack the lip.

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Full Carbon Construction with LiteCore Technology

The full 24T carbon layup features our carbon-infused LiteCore technology enables us to control weight, strength, and flex precisely. For 2024 we reconfigured the layup – which uses unidirectional and woven carbon layers, increased the number of carbon layers in the base for increased strength and lateral stiffness and incorporated a 3k twill carbon finish to match the look of our surf paddles for cohesive branding. The result is a surf fin which is more responsive, lighter, higher performing and stronger. From only 125 grams per set (4.4 oz) these the lightest surf fins available.

Fin Case Like No Other

Included with each fin set is our premium surf fin case which has plenty of padded protection for multiple fin sets, tools, stickers, screws, leash string, fin keys etc. Ideal for travelling, organization and protection. The case has five (5) fin sleeves and a mesh pocket, durable construction and Velcro fastening.

New Branding & Artwork

The new SUP surfing fin sets feature our invigorated branding. The new design concepts will enable us to enhance product and brand image in the years ahead. We changed the color of the rear fins for easy identification and a striking look when installed.


SUP Surfing Fin Size Recommendations

Fin SetSurfer Weight (kgs)Surfer Weight (lbs)Board Volume (ltrs)
Large80 - 100175 - 22090 - 140
Medium60 - 90130 - 20075 - 115
Small40 - 7090 - 15560 - 90

* sizes are for reference only, personal preference is most important.
** ride bigger fins with bigger boards.
*** ride bigger fins in bigger waves.
**** wider boards need bigger fins.


Wide Range of Available Fin Bases

Available in a range of fin base options and configurations which will enable fin upgrades on SUP boards which were previously not possible.

    • FCS All – fits a wide range of boards
    • Futures All – fits a wide range of boards
    • US rear – for Starboard, Quatro etc.
    • Bahne/Surf/Longboard rear – for Infinity, SIC, Flying Fish etc.


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  • Reviews (3)
  1. Zane Medium Thruster Setup - Great fins

    ghashimoto7827-July 24, 2021 at 7:54 am

    Have this setup on my 2021 JP Surf Pro 7’6″ and it works better than the stock fins. Faster down the line, quicker response on turns, looks great with the color scheme, and excellent build quality.

  2. These fins are FAST!

    Michael Klos-May 10, 2020 at 7:36 am

    These fins are FAST! Holds the face of a steep barelling wave and super responsive turns.. so hard to ever change to any other fins now! WIsh I had the quads too but they are sold out 🙁

  3. Super light and responsive.

    Philippe Alexander Pagan-June 18, 2019 at 2:01 am

    I have been SUP surfing at a high level for over a decade. Most people don’t realize what a big difference fins make on the boards performance. THESE ARE THE BEST. I ride them Quad and go hard. Super light and responsive…there is a reason Zane uses them. While I may never surf like Zane, these can only help me on my quest to be half as good 🙂

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