Hydro TempoX 3-Piece Travel

3-Piece Adj. SUP Travel Paddle For Fitness & Touring, c/w With Paddle Bag
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Hydro TempoX 3-Piece Travel

3-Piece Adj. SUP Travel Paddle For Fitness & Touring, c/w With Paddle Bag
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A lightweight & forgiving 3-piece travel SUP paddle for fitness, touring & recreational racing

Silky smooth and consistently forgiving, the Hydro TempoX is the ultimate flat-water paddle for fitness and recreational paddling enthusiasts. Ideal for those paddlers looking to take the next step, the Hydro TempoX incorporates DNA from our best-selling Hydro FlowX design to deliver an unparalleled paddling experience, at a reduced price point.

We used our proprietary Advanced Flow and Power Scoop technology to minimize blade movement, resulting in an incredibly smooth and rhythmic paddling experience. The higher 10° blade angle creates a more forgiving catch, further enhancing the feel and comfort of the paddle stroke. This combination of innovative blade design and higher blade angle allows paddlers to find their flow and hone their technique.

Built in our REFLEX100 construction, the Hydro TempoX is lightweight, durable, and responsive for a performance-orientated paddling experience. For increased flex appropriate for smaller paddlers the Medium and Small sizes come with the more flexible REFLEX90 shafts. The new Power Grip ergonomic racing handle ensures your hand remains secure during high-cadence paddling bursts and comfortable during long days on the water.

The 3-piece travel version of the Hydro TempoX comes complete with padded bag, ideal for protection, storage and travel.

The Hydro TempoX is available in 1-Piece, Adjustable and 3-Piece Adjustable options.

// Available to pre-order, first shipping date expected June 2024 //



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  1. Nice 3-piece travel paddle with a top-notch bag

    asteppy-September 1, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    I’ve paddled with the 3-piece Tempo X only a few times, but can already make some conclusions. It’s a well made paddle, all joints are glued very cleanly. The paddle assembly out of a nice padded bag is a doddle, thanks to the snug-fitting lower hex joint (I really like how it clicks into place, there’s zero play). and anti-twist upper plastic cam lock, with centering guide and length markings on the top section (markings in cm as well as inches, they thought of metric-minded people!). The blade is very compact, and I had some internal debate when selecting the size, but after consultation with Chris agreed to order the recommended size M for my needs – I’m glad I did, as the blade has perfect, well-centered catch, the typical BP swashbuckler that I’ve come to expect based on several years of my use of Hydro Flow X. Overall this is a nice, quality travel paddle with a bag that should help it stay looking like new for a long time.

  2. This paddle is Sweet!!

    jculuko-August 16, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    I have had the Black Project Hydro Tempo-X 3-piece for about two months now and I thought it was about time to write a review. This paddle is SWEET! I have put in over 100 miles using the paddle with my 14’ inflatable in lakes, slow moving rivers, creeks, bays, open ocean, and the surf line and it has excelled in all conditions. Moving from a fixed paddle I have been impressed with the stiffness and ability of the paddle to cut through the water. I have had to get used to compensating for the adjustment clamp when shifting the paddle between hands however, it has not taken away from the experience of the paddle. The stiffness is just like my fixed paddle, gone are the shaky joints that are found with other adjustable paddles. Other than the clamp, you have no idea this is a 3-piece paddle. In Short, I love racing and paddling with this paddle! I purchased the paddle with the intention of using it to travel to SUP Races and after flying with it to events in Norther California and Texas I am happy to report that traveling with the paddle and included travel bag was a breeze. On flights I can check it with my iSUP and off I go, no extra fees.In addition to this being a great paddle, the Black Project Team customer service is the best in the business. I broke my previous paddle less than a week before my next race and started to panic. I ordered this paddle on Sunday night, put a little note in the comments section saying I needed the paddle by Thursday, and the paddle arrived Tuesday afternoon. Amazing! I have a feeling they didn’t even need my notes, they are just always this good. I hope you find this review helpful and if you are looking for that perfect travel (or paddle in general), this is it! Have fun and I hope you see you out in the wild.

  3. TempoX 3 piece XL Paddle

    wolfgangld-May 13, 2023 at 8:20 am

    I’ll start by saying that I was a bit disappointed in this paddle at first. I upgraded from a Quickblade Kanaha that I liked very much, until the grip broke on me – a fixable thing, but when I saw it was a weak point, I knew I couldn’t trust I anymore. I’ve heard Black Project recommended by a lot of paddlers, so I decided to give it a shot. When I messaged them through their website looking for advice, Chris responded quickly and agreed the TempoX would be a good fit for me. At 6’4” and 225lbs, he felt the XL sized blade made the most sense. Customer support from Black Project is phenomenal. The first time I took my new paddle for a ride, I started to have second thoughts on my purchase. The paddle end is slightly heavier than my quick blade was (larger blade = more weight), and I struggled with keeping the paddle straight, particularly in wind and chop. Overall, I just found it a little awkward. After five or six uses, I got the hang of it and completely changed my mind. One issue I’ve always had with my stroke is I have a hard time keeping straight when I’m paddling on my left side. With my old Quickblade, I compensated for this by adjusting my blade angle at the shaft. The TempoX has a non-twist handle design, so this is no longer possible. I was forced to work on correcting my faulty stroke, which I’ve managed to do (I’m 80% there, anyway). In terms of performance, I’m consistently paddling a half mile an hour faster with this paddle, and when paddling up wind (which I do often) it’s incredible the speed I can maintain despite the air resistance. Wind, chop, current – none of it phases the TempoX. Most importantly, I can paddle much further without overtaxing myself. With this paddle, I’m three miles out before I know it. Lastly, the paddle look super cool, if you’re into aesthetics. I highly recommend Black Project paddles. If you’re on the fence, it’s time to jump off and upgrade!

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