Hydro SynergyX

SUP Paddle For Long-Distance Racing, Touring & Fitness c/w Paddle Bag
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Hydro SynergyX

SUP Paddle For Long-Distance Racing, Touring & Fitness c/w Paddle Bag
( 2 )



Offering a greatly enhanced paddling experience, the Hydro SynergyX empowers you to achieve increased board speed, maintain a higher paddling cadence, and paddle for extended durations. In partnership with world champions Seychelle Webster and Arthur Arutkin, and drawing inspiration from the success of the Hydro series, this new Black Project paddle has been meticulously tuned to dominate middle and long distance races. To achieve a combination of race winning speed and endurance, the blade has been optimized for efficiency. With a moderate blade angle of 10°, a narrower entry, and thinner blade profile, each paddle stroke is effortlessly smooth with an easy catch. The wider blade shoulders and medium depth Power Scoop give the option to increase power if needed during competitive racing or higher intensity paddle workouts.



The all-new Tour Carbon shaft series is a key component of the Hydro SynergyX that brings reduced weight, added power, responsiveness, grip, and comfort. The tapered oval design increases stiffness in the lower shaft area for enhanced stability and power transfer to the blade. The more flexible and thinner round upper section helps to reduce fatigue. The oval-shaped middle-grip area provides a directional feel and a secure grip with a natural carbon-textured matte finish. Our lightest, most responsive shafts are built with 30T carbon. The Tour series offers four distinct profiles, each with various length and stiffness options.



The award-winning hollow carbon PowerGrip ensures that every ounce of effort is translated into forward motion; the ergonomic design maintains comfort throughout extended paddling sessions.



Unveiling our latest innovation, the Hydro Synergy introduces REACT+ Technology (RE+T). This incorporates two external 30T UD carbon plates, amplifying blade power, responsiveness, and energy return. Strategically placing these laminates on the outer layer of the structure multiplies the overall effect, resulting in an impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio. The RE+T is tuned for each blade size, ensuring optimal flex tailored to paddler size.



Utilizing our Advanced Flow with Power Scoop technology and built with 30T carbon and Kevlar, this is the fastest and most responsive paddle on the market. If you are serious about winning, the Hydro SynergyX belongs in your paddle quiver for long-distance racing.



All Hydro SynergyX paddles come complete with our Paddle Bag ($125 value).



Professional Paddlers, Advanced Paddlers, Middle & Long-Distance Paddling, Ultras & Endurance Events, 10-15km Euro Tour, APP & ICF Racing.



Size (cm2)627586549517487
Size (in2)9791858076
Paddler Weight (KG)90 - 11080 - 10070 - 9060 - 8050 - 70
Paddler Weight (lbs)200 - 245175 - 220155 - 200130 - 175110 - 155



We embarked on a mission to push the limits of design, materials, and manufacturing processes, aiming to create a paddle that would further revolutionize the way people think about paddles altogether – the Hydro SynergyX is the culmination of this effort – a natural evolution in paddle design, delivering substantial performance gains



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  1. Injury Prevention

    juerg.geser-February 24, 2024 at 1:24 pm

    Love how you can customize this paddle to your needs! I’m 5’10, 185 pounds on a good day, and just turned 54 in January this year (2024), the older I get, the more I enjoy long distance and ultra distance races (Sup11Citytour). But with age, injuries (pinched nerves/muscle pain between spine and shoulder blade) have been a challenge, especially last year. This is the main reason why I switched to Blackproject, needed a paddle with shaft flex that is forgiving enough for long distance, while still providing the performance edge needed to stay competitive. The blade also makes a huge difference, solid catch which gives you the confidence to really load the blade, but not to aggressive, just an incredible feel, no flutter either which is crucial to reduce the risk of injuries. I’m confident to put in around 1000 to 1200 miles into my training/racing this year with the new Hydro Synergy X, I’m paddling the 150/70 shaft with the medium blade, cut to 74.5”.

  2. 01.01.2024 - Hydro SynergyX Now Aailable To Pre-Order

    Chris Freeman-January 2, 2024 at 2:05 am

    The next generation of ‘super paddles’ has arrived. Pre-order now for shipping in late January.

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