These standup paddling resources will help you learn more about SUP paddles and fins while keeping you up to date with the latest news and innovation at Black Project. While we aim to make it easy for you to select the best products for your paddling needs, if you have specific questions which are not covered please ask a question.

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Black Project Wins 21st World Title at 2021 ICF World SUP Championship

Our hunt for 20 SUP World Titles? Mission Accomplished.  With 51 countries represented and over 500 athletes participating, the 2021 ICF World SUP Championships was a high-profile showdown of the best paddlers on the planet––the perfect proving grounds for Black Project’s high-performance paddles and fins. For that reason, it was especially gratifying for our team to reach such a significant milestone at the biggest SUP race since the pandemic. Team paddler Fiona Wylde continued her dominant 2021 season by claiming convincing wins in both the Women’s Long Distance and Technical events––representing Black Project’s 20th and 21st SUP World Titles. “Just shows that when you have a dream and a goal, don’t ever stop until you’ve reached it,” Wylde said following the Distance race. “Never give up! Thank you to my family, we did it!” Fiona Wylde was racing with her favorite flat water fin – the Tiger.  Black Project’s Journey

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Niek Van Der Linde Uses Hydro FlowX to Set 24-Hour Distance Record in SUP11City Race

One of the most grueling races in the sport, the SUP 11-City Tour tests paddlers to their physical and mental limits. The event takes place in Friesland, a northern province in Holland, where competitors must paddle along a 220 kilometer (136 mile) route that passes through 11 historical cities. The competition began in 2009 and normally takes place over the course of five days, but there’s an even tougher version of this race for the ultra-hardcore paddling crowd––The SUP 11-City Non-Stop Race. No breaks, no stages, no mercy. This year, seven individuals and two teams crossed the finish line of the SUP 11-City Non-Stop race, but only one paddler made history––Niek Van Der Linde. The endurance paddler not only set the course record with a time of 23:32:16, but also broke Bart de Zwart’s 24-hour SUP distance record (193.8 kilometers) by paddling 204.27 kilometers in 23 hours, 45 minutes and

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Fiona Wylde and Big Winds JET Team Launches Youth Standup Paddlers

Investing in youth paddling is essential to growing the sport of standup paddling. While this notion has been gaining traction recently, the Big Winds Junior Elite Team (JET) represents a prime example of how to effectively run a successful youth paddling program. Now in its 11th year, this program was started by the late Steve Gates in Hood River, Oregon. Having founded the legendary Big Winds outfitter in 1987, Gates strongly believed in investing in the future of our sport, and the JET Team was his answer. One of those young paddlers he invested in was none other than Black Project athlete and World Champion paddler, Fiona Wylde. While the paddling world lost Steve to cancer in 2019, he passed the torch to Wylde, who has proudly carried on his legacy as Head Coach of the JET Team. Black Project is proud to support this incredible program and recently caught

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Black Project Paddles and Fins Dominate at Gorge Paddle Challenge 2021

Catching a glide in the Columbia River Gorge has never felt so good. Representing the first major SUP event in North America since the Covid-19 outbreak, the SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge 2021 was a weekend we will never forget. While competition is normally the highlight of the weekend, this year it was the simple camaraderie that brought beaming smiles to the faces of every paddler and fan in attendance. Remembering Steve Gates To say that a lot had changed since the last time we gathered in the Gorge would be a massive understatement. Beyond the toll of the pandemic, the event was noticeably missing its most familiar face––Steve Gates. A friend to everyone he met, Steve not only founded this event but was responsible for growing the Hood River paddling community and mentoring countless young paddlers––including 2019 APP World Champion Fiona Wylde––through the JET Team. He opened the famed Big

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Surge SUP Surfing Paddle

SURGE – Designing the Best SUP Surfing Paddle

Being based in Hawaii, we were determined to design the best SUP surfing paddle. At the time, not much was being made specifically for SUP surfing and as avid SUP surfers ourselves, that just didn’t seem right. So we went to work. The demands of surfing are very different from racing and flat water paddling, but the real challenge was quantifying those differences and settling on new design parameters. We made some good prototypes, but we weren’t satisfied. So development was put on hold and we concentrated on race paddle development. But the wheels never stopped turning. We spent months sitting in the lineup watching paddlers, talking to paddlers, trying their paddles, and session-by-session, the pieces started to come together. Our extensive research and development was about to come to fruition. What Makes a Good SUP Surfing Paddle? By carefully analyzing what SUP surfers actually do, we changed some of

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Beginner SUP Surfing Technique and Etiquette Tips for 2021

Don’t let @kookoftheday discourage you, SUP surfing is an absolute blast. Not only will you end up getting more waves per session, but they will often be bigger, longer, and cleaner rides. However, before you go charging out into your local lineup, these beginner SUP surfing tips for 2021 will help you find your flow and avoid a nasty wipeout. Know Before You Go Abiding by Surfline’s motto is always a wise decision, but especially if you’re a beginner SUP surfer. Before you even think about packing up your board, paddle and leash, you need to look up the ocean conditions for both the time and place you want to surf. There are several sites that offer detailed condition reports, forecasts and live cams––Surfline, Magic Seaweed and even the NOAA Buoy Data Center are all great options. Once you’ve confirmed the waves are within your personal limits (nothing above three-foot

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I Started Standup Paddling During the Pandemic, Now What?

If you’re someone who is relatively new to standup paddling, welcome to the paddling family! You have joined a very supportive community and sport that will provide range of benefits, both physical and mental. As lifelong paddlers and watersports athletes, we want you to experience that same passion that inspired us to get into the paddlesports business over a decade ago. To help you take the next stroke in your SUP career, we’ve put together a few tips to optimize your equipment and maximize your stoke. Invest in a Lighter, More Flexible SUP Paddle You already know that using a cheap, overweight paddle will not only hamper your on-water performance, but can lead to a range of other issues including fatigue, injuries and bad habits. But it’s not just the bargain bin equipment that’s turning your paddle sessions into a grueling slog. There’s three common misconceptions about SUP paddles: bigger

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SUP Stroke Tips With Seychelle: The Choke Stroke

What is the purpose of this stroke? The “choke stroke” is used when having a shorter paddle length would be beneficial. By grabbing the paddle shaft underneath the handle, rather than on top of the handle, you are effectively shortening the length of your paddle by 2-3 inches. How often do you use this stroke? I use this stroke fairly often during a paddle, but not for long periods of time. It is for those short spurts when getting lower to the water has its advantages. In what paddling scenarios is this stroke most effective? I use the choke stroke most often when I am paddling upwind. Since a “shorter” paddle allows for quicker, more dynamic strokes, it combats the reduced glide felt when paddling into wind and chop. The faster you can get your paddle out and back into the water, you lessen the wind’s ability to slow you down. Additionally,

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Pay in 4: Paddle Now, Pay Later with Klarna

If you’re passionate about paddling, you owe it to yourself to get the best equipment. Settling for a cheaper paddle or fin setup may initially seem cost effective, but you’ll pay for that “savings” on the water.There’s a reason that top professional paddlers including reigning APP World Champion Seychelle Webster choose Black Project––there’s simply no substitute for performance. To ensure price doesn’t get between you and your dream paddle or fin, we’ve partnered with Klarna to give our paddlers the option to split their Black Project purchase into 4 interest-free payments. Shop Black Project’s 2021 Paddle and Fin Collection How to checkout with Klarna Add item(s) to your cart and select Klarna at checkout. Enter your debit or credit card information. Pay later in 4 installments. The first payment is taken when the order is processed and the remaining 3 are automatically taken every two weeks. You shop, you choose how to

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Black Project and Paddle Logger Launch New Collaboration

If you’re serious about becoming a better paddler, you need to start tracking your training sessions. Analyzing paddle data not only helps you understand the impact of specific technique or equipment adjustments on your overall speed, but also motivates you to keep pushing and getting faster. To ensure our paddlers are set up for success, Black Project has partnered with Paddle Logger to offer a free six-month trial of their Pro Subscription to all Hydro FlowX paddlers. Designed exclusively for paddlers, this award-winning app will help you easily and accurately track paddle sessions, while also sharing real-time updates with friends and family. Easily Track and Share Your Paddle Sessions Unlike other training apps that distract from the task at hand, Paddle Logger keeps it simple and user-friendly. Compatible with the Apple Watch or iPhone, simply tap the GO button and you can get started logging your session. Once underway, Paddle

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What Paddlers Are Saying About the Hydro FlowX

The response to our new Hydro FlowX has been overwhelming.   Featuring a revolutionary new design––including our proprietary Advanced Flow Technology and Deep Power Scoop––the goal of the Hydro FlowX was to redefine what a paddle stroke feels like.   Incorporating over a decade’s worth of research, data and innovation, this paddle is lighter and faster than our original Hydro, while simultaneously requiring less effort from the paddler. Not only does this significantly improve speed and acceleration, but also leads to reduced fatigue and strain––extremely effective for preventing and rehabilitating injuries.   We believe the Hydro FlowX is the best paddle in the sport. But at the end of the day, only one opinion truly matters––yours.    Whether you are training, racing or cruising, this paddle was designed to enhance every moment spent on the water––both in terms of performance and pleasure. Here’s what the Black Project ohana is saying about their on-water experience with the Hydro FlowX.  

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Get to Know Chris: The Story of Black Project’s Co-Founder Chris Freeman

Since a young age, Black Project co-founder Chris Freeman has been passionate about watersports. A competitive career in windsurfing first brought him to Maui at 18 years old and the experience was life changing. While Freeman would eventually return to the U.K. to build a successful career in Education, Maui kept calling him back. The pull of the water proved too strong. After his long-time friend Tom Hammerton began designing specialized windsurfing fins, the duo decided to take a chance and go all-in––Black Project was born. Over the past decade, the company has grown to become a leader in both windsurfing and standup paddling industry. While World Championships and high-performance paddles and fins have become synonymous with the Black Project name, Freeman never lost sight of those humble roots and his original goal: Help more people enjoy the experience of being on the water. What was your career path/background before

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