Even the best standup paddle on earth isn’t ideal for all SUP disciplines, and even the best standup paddlers need to factor in size and skill-level to determine which paddle works best for them. Because different paddle types perform better in certain conditions, often paddlers need a few different paddles—various blade types, grips and lengths—to perform at their peak in various conditions and disciplines. All considered it’s a lot to process when purchasing a new paddle. Our five-step guide will help you pick the right paddle and customize it to suit your needs.
A guide to picking the right paddle for you based on paddling experience, budget and a wide range of variables.
How to choose a blade-size based on paddler weight, style of paddling and a range of other considerations.
A breakdown of the many options involved in selecting a paddle shaft—fixed-length, adjustable, three-piece, carbon content, flex and diameter—and which will perform best for you.
Here we analyze different grip options to optimize your main point of connection to your paddle—the handle.
Defining the best length for your paddle based on body type, board, discipline and aspirations.



Meet the New Hydro SprintX: The Best Paddle for Short Distance and Technical SUP Racing

The fastest SUP racing paddle – The Hydro SprintX SUP paddle is one of our more underground paddles receiving a lot less media attention than others in the collection, but since its initial launch, it has been quietly going about its business, building a cult following, and winning races. This is the paddle which propelled Seychelle Webster to victory at the 2023 ICF World Championships. The athlete choice – This is the race paddle which many of our athletes have gravitated towards, they absolutely love the ultra-high cadence capabilities, compact blade, and instant acceleration. The latest version has undergone significant upgrades, including the integration of React+ Technology, which amplifies the blade’s power and acceleration. This is complemented by the new Tour Carbon double (round-oval-round) tapered shaft, further enhancing the paddle’s effectiveness. The result is a considerably upgraded SUP paddle from its previous version. Explore: Tour Carbon Shaft Series To celebrate


Meet the New Surge: Your Ultimate Paddle for SUP Surfing

If you’re anything like me, you’re eagerly gearing up to enhance your SUP surfing skills this season. This means dedicating more time to refining your technique, tweaking your board setup, experimenting with different fin configurations, dissecting your maneuvers (ideally with video analysis), and, inevitably, embracing the occasional wipeout. Undoubtedly, these efforts will contribute to your progress, but what if I told you that upgrading your paddle could significantly elevate your surfing performance? While many of you reading this may already recognize the importance of a quality paddle, there are still SUP surfers out there who haven’t experienced the game-changing advantages offered by a Surge paddle. My mission is to ensure that every SUP enthusiast can benefit from the innovation and expertise poured into the design of the Surge by our team of designers and athletes. The timing couldn’t be better for the release of the fourth iteration of the Surge,


TOUR CARBON – Exploring The New Double-Tapered Oval Paddle Shaft

The revolutionary Tour Carbon shaft series is an integral component of the Hydro SynergyX and Hydro SprintX race paddles. These shafts redefine paddling performance, blending reduced weight, amplified power, increased shaft responsiveness, superior grip, and enhanced comfort. Engineered with a double tapered round-oval-round design, the Tour Carbon shaft maximizes stiffness in the lower section, delivering unparalleled stability and optimizing power transfer to the blade. Meanwhile, the upper section has a thinner and more flexible round profile, minimizing fatigue during extended paddling sessions. The oval-shaped middle-grip area with a natural carbon-textured matte finish, the Tour Carbon shaft ensures a directional feel with a secure and relaxed grip. Setting a new standard, the Tour shafts represent the pinnacle of lightweight, responsive engineering. Constructed with meticulously optimized unidirectional 30T carbon layers, each shaft is then wrapped in a twill carbon outer layer, ensuring unmatched durability and slightly textured feel. With four distinct profiles


Introducing: The Hydro SynergyX – The Next Generation of ‘Super Paddles’

Introducing the latest evolution in paddling excellence — the next generation of ‘super paddles’ has arrived. Offering a greatly enhanced paddling experience, the Hydro SynergyX empowers you to achieve increased board speed, maintain a higher paddling cadence, and paddle for extended durations. In partnership with world champions Seychelle Webster and Arthur Arutkin, and drawing inspiration from the success of the Hydro series, this new Black Project paddle has been meticulously tuned to dominate middle and long distance races. Prepare to redefine your paddling experience. PADDLE TECHNOLOGY & FEATURES ADVANCED FLOW TECHNOLGY (AFT) A completely re-imagined design. Increases blade efficiency through the water.  Locks blade in to eliminate lateral movements. Creates a smooth, consistent and efficient stroke. POWER SCOOP TECHNOLOGY (PST) Single medium depth scoop design with dihedral edges. Shallower scoop promotes increased cadence. Delivers an efficient and smooth paddle stroke. Works in harmony with AFT. TOUR CARBON 30T OVAL TAPER


Meet the Lava: The Ultimate All-Around Carbon SUP Paddle

Standup paddling isn’t just a single sport, but rather many different watersports wrapped up into one incredible community. Paddlers may come from different backgrounds, but ultimately discover that SUP’s appeal comes from its diversity of opportunities. Just consider that an avid standup paddler could embark on a surf trip to Costa Rica; an epic freshwater expedition in the Great Lakes; a ripping downwinder off the coast of Maui; a high-adrenaline whitewater river run in Oregon; a thrilling race at the legendary Carolina Cup—the aquatic possibilities are near limitless, just add water. While its always best to have multiple SUP paddles in your quiver (a Hydro FlowX for racing, a Surge for surfing, etc.) we understand that many folks are looking for an all-around carbon paddle that works well in any SUP discipline.  Versatile, strong and lightweight, the Lava is your best bet if you want one paddle to do it all. 


Quick Guide: Hydro FlowX vs. Hydro TempoX vs. Hydro SprintX

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a standup paddler is deciding which SUP paddle is right for you. While you don’t need to limit yourself to one paddle, you’ll still want to choose the best paddle to help you achieve a particular goal or experience. Our trio of high-performance SUP racing, touring and training paddles features the most innovative blade designs and top performance in the sport. While the Hydro FlowX was our original game-changing SUP race paddle, we’ve expanded the collection to include our lightning-fast Hydro SprintX for sprinting and our hyper-smooth Hydro TempoX for recreational flat-water paddlers. The question is: Which Hydro is best for you? To make the best decision, you’ll need to consider a few factors including skill level, paddling goals, injury history, budget, and paddling discipline—racing, sprinting, touring, etc. This quick guide to race and touring paddles is intended to help you make