Black Project’s 2022 SUP Race Fin Collection

I am proud to announce our 2022 SUP Race Fin Collection.

Last year, we refocused our energy on product development. With competitive racing slow to return, we had unprecedented access to athletes on Maui—including multi-time APP World Champion Connor Baxter.

After countless hours of in-depth testing and development, we are thrilled to be launching three all-new innovative fin designs in 2022—Ray v2, Tiger v2 and the Vector. The collection also gets a visual makeover with enhanced graphics that offer a clean and cohesive look.

With a total of six high-performance SUP race fins in this year’s collection, each fin delivers superior speed, stability, maneuverability and unmatched quality for all paddlers—from newbies to World Champions.

— Black Project SUP Founder, Chris Freeman @chrisk97 


The new Ray v2 replaces our best-selling design and has been carefully refined based upon countless hours of research, development and detailed feedback from Connor Baxter. The Ray v2 has been updated to feature our new deep foil concept, which enhances tracking and stability while also improving fin fit on a range of boards.

Additionally, the new curved outline more effectively sheds weed and trash, while simultaneously improving foot steering. All together, these new features produce that unrivaled tracking and stability you’ve come to expect from Black Project, but now with more speed, better maneuverability, and improved weed shedding. This design is a big upgrade over previous models, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.


The new Tiger v2 replaces the most successful fin in competitive racing history. The top choice for many athletes as a reliable flatwater race fin, the Tiger v2 blends the tracking of our bigger fins with the speed and efficiency of the smaller Condor.

The new higher aspect outline, reduced cord length and optimized foil have led to improved maneuverability and speed. This fin is a favorite of our team due to its ease of use, especially on narrow race boards.


The all-new custom Vector fin shatters the norms of traditional SUP fin design. This fin enables racers to concentrate their power on their favored side, reducing or eliminating the need to swap paddle sides and lose valuable time. The asymmetric design counteracts the force of the paddle to create a stable course, so you concentrate on maximum cadence.

We have a left and right version to suit all paddlers. For example, paddling on your left side will naturally make the board veer to the right, but this fin will correct your course to get you across the line faster. This fin was first used at the 2021 ICF Worlds in Hungary. Due to the extremely specialist nature of this fin, it’ll be made in small quantities.


RAY v2




Best For:When you need extra stability, tracking & glide; excellent in choppy conditions & longer distances.Ideal for a wide range of racing on flat water courses with multiple buoy turns.Maximum agility & speed for professional paddlers.Maximum velocity over a short distance.
Suitable For:Intermediate paddlers.Advanced to professional athletes.Professional athletes.Professional athletes.
Depth (cm/in)24 / 9.4521 / 8.2718 / 7.0920 / 7.88
Area (cm3 / in²)279 / 43.2229 / 35.5182 / 28.21229 / 35.5
Cord (cm / in)14.5 / 5.713.5 / 5.313 / 5.1214.6 / 5.75
Fin Base (cm / in)16.5 / 6.515.5 / 6.1015.5 / 6.1016.5 / 6.5
Leading Edge (degrees)45°45°45°45°
Foil TypeSymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetricalAsymmetrical Port & Starboard versions
ConstructionLiteCore TechnologyLiteCore TechnologyLiteCore TechnologyLiteCore Technology
Weight (gr / oz)200 / 7.05150 / 5.29140 / 4.94150 / 5.29
Warranty1 yr1 yr1 yr1 yr
USA Retail (Ex Tax)$175$175$175$175
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New For 2022 - Our Best-Selling Fin Promotes Stability and Tracking

The Ray v2 is a SUP racing and touring fin designed to improve board stability and tracking. Ideal for intermediate paddlers and those looking to progress on narrower boards, this is the biggest fin we make and it utilizes an increased depth, greater surface area, and our new Deep Foil Concept for an easier paddling experience.

Best suited for flat and choppy water, the Ray v2 keeps you upright and allows you to focus on improving your form. You’re not fast if you’re falling off, but the Ray keeps the wobbles at bay.

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New for 2022 - The Most Popular Fin Amongst Elite Paddlers on the Pro Circuit

The fastest fin on Earth just got quicker. The Tiger v2 is a SUP racing fin designed for situations where speed, tracking and quick buoy turns are important. Ideal for advanced and professional paddlers, this is the fin you want if you’re looking to improve performance or get better race results.

This medium-sized fin uses a narrow cord and fast foil to increase speed and turning power, while still maintaining excellent tracking. Ideally suited for flat and choppy water, the Tiger v2 is widely used by racers due to its impressive all-round performance. If podiums are what you want, this is your secret weapon.

Tiger v2 SUP Race Fin from Black Project


Ultra High-Performance Fin for Paddlers Not Afraid to Push Limits

The Condor is a SUP racing fin designed for maximum board speed and agility. Ideally suited for advanced and professional paddlers, this is the fin for those who aren’t afraid to push the limits.

The smallest fin we make, the Condor utilizes reduced depth, smaller surface area and our Reduced Cord Concept to enable maximum paddling speed, without sacrificing too much tracking. Best suited for flat water and calmer days, it’s the fastest fin on the market. But be warned, due to its size the Condor is not for everyone.

Condor SUP Race Fin from Black Project


New for 2022 - Radical Asymmetric Sprint Fin Designed For Max Speed and Tracking

The Vector is a SUP racing fin specifically designed for the increasingly popular discipline of sprinting. Ideal for professional paddlers in competition and recreational paddlers looking to achieve maximum velocity over a short distance––this fin is the equivalent of nitro in drag racing. The asymmetric foil design stops the board from veering off-course, enabling athletes to complete a full 200-meter race on their dominant side, without the need to switching sides.

This medium-sized fin uses slightly more surface area and depth compared to the Condor, which helps paddlers maintain balance during explosive starts. Ideally suited to racing in lanes at major national and international paddling events, this cutting-edge design concept is focused on one ultimate goal – winning an Olympic gold medal.





Best For:Ocean & downwind racing where you can take advantage of the wind & flow.Maximum agility & speed in ocean, surf & downwind racing.
Suitable For:Intermediate to advanced paddlers.Expert to professional athletes.
Depth (cm/in)21 / 8.2718 / 7.09
Area (cm3 / in²)223 / 34.6193 / 29.9
Cord (cm / in)14 / 5.514.5 / 5.7
Fin Base (cm / in)16.5 / 6.516.5 / 6.5
Leading Edge (degrees)45°45°
Foil TypeSymmetricalSymmetrical
ConstructionLiteCore TechnologyLiteCore Technology
Weight (gr / oz)175 / 6.17150 / 5.29
Warranty1 yr1 yr
USA Retail (Ex Tax)$175$175
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High-Performance Downwind Fin Designed to Enhance Maneuverability and Glides

The Maliko v3 is a SUP racing and downwind fin designed to improve board maneuverability and glide. Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced paddlers looking to develop their downwinding skills, this medium-sized fin utilizes a surfing-inspired curved outline with a narrow cord and medium foil to help paddlers ride and connect swells.

While best suited for downwind conditions, this fin also works great in large rivers with a strong flow. Achieving a faster board speed isn’t just about paddling harder, but being able to utilize the flow of the ocean. The Maliko v3 makes it possible to not only go faster, but more importantly, to have more fun.


Designed for Maximum Agility and Speed For Connecting Bumps

The Sonic v2 is a SUP racing and downwind fin designed to maximize board maneuverability and speed. Ideal for advanced and professional paddlers looking to enhance their flow on downwinders, this small fin utilizes a surfing-inspired curved outline with a narrow cord and thinner foil to help paddlers ride and connect swells at speed.

Ideally suited to downwind conditions, this fin also performs well in technical surf races, shallow water and rivers with a strong flow and debris. In situations when the fastest racing line is not a straight line, the Sonic v2 enables you to seek out and connect the fastest bumps, waves and sections of flowing water. 




RAY v2






Professional Paddlers5101010510
Advanced Paddlers81077108
Intermediate Paddlers1053383
Buoy Turning7101010810
Weedy Water881081010
Shallow Water69109710

The Black Project Advantage

The right fin will make a huge difference in your board’s tracking, maneuverability, and performance. When World Championships are on the line, the world’s top paddlers choose Black Project fins for one simple reason—they provide a clear advantage over any other fin in the industry. 

Our 2022 range of SUP race fins is the most technologically advanced and high-performance collection ever released. So if you’re ready to unleash the true potential of your board, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ll see you on the water.