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100% Carbon SUP Race Fin


(9 customer reviews)


100% Carbon SUP Race Fin


(9 customer reviews)


SUP Race Fin For Maximum Maneuverability For Advanced Level Paddlers

The Sonic SUP race fin is designed for blistering speed and enhanced maneuverability especially in ocean and river conditions.

The Sonic is highly recommended for beach/surf races & downwind SUP racing. The Sonic is best suited for advanced to professional stand up paddlers with a high cadence.

The curved and progressive 45° rake easily sheds kelp which would otherwise slow you down.

It has become the fin of choice for many elite and professional SUP racers. Built in our ultralight Pro Carbon construction our fins are the lightest SUP race fins available.

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9 reviews for Sonic

  1. My go-to fin

    Kim Schive (verified owner)

    The Sonic has become my go-to fin this summer. Good speed and tracking in many different conditions and sheds weeds like no fin I’ve ever owned. I do a distance race almost every year on a tidal river where weeds are a real problem in once section; this was the first year I didn’t need to stop to clean off my fin. I picked up no weeds (and I won the race). If I only had to own one fin, this would be the one.

  2. Sonic!!

    Fuyuki Tsumagari

    It is very light and has great speed at the beginning of pedaling, less stable than the Ray, but it has the speed and turn performance to replace it. In technical situations, it will show its full potential.

  3. New Improved V2!


    Really liking the V2’s shorter chord and base and lighter weight (-25 g!) after replacing my prior favorite V1 Sonic. It turns and deals with current eddies better while preserving the tracking of the V1. I own a full library of fins and now feel like it could be distilled down to just this fin and the Maliko.

  4. Tracks well, super light

    Sam Gentsch (verified owner)

    I picked up a Black Projects’ Sonic for my 425Pro Outlaw. I am mostly a flat water/river paddler….with aspirations of downwinding, surfing and not struggling in choppy ocean races. Sonic was about midway in fin box, stability was really quite good at even slow speeds. I was having much better luck with steering footwork than ever before and tracked really well. At a full stop, it was slightly wobblier than my normal large fin and after an hour of interval work I was a bit wobbly here and there, but that is probably from first hard and over an hour workout since end of racing season . I really am glad I bought this fin!! I look forward to checking it out in the ocean!

  5. Sonic ..

    Michael klos

    This fin..it’s in the name..paddle as fast as Sonic the hedgehog. Love doing technical surf ocean ins/outs with this fin ..can turn the board on a whim and ride waves like a short board with it 🙂

  6. Very Responsive

    Steve Axt

    I have both the Sonic and the Tiger fins for my RS and find the Sonic to be the go-to for open water and downwind, exactly as designed. The board just loosens up underfoot with the Sonic and steers better on the bumps or tide eddies. Given neutral feet and calm water, tracking with the Sonic is great. Fit and finish are Formula 1 level.

  7. Good balance between stability and looseness.

    Damon Toal-Rossi

    This fin releases really well between bumps, but still paddles straight when needed. Not as straight-line or buoy turn stable as the Tiger, but that’s not what you want when cutting diagonal across bumps on a downwind.

  8. I’ve been using the Sonic for a month now in every condition imaginable.

    John Hadley

    I’ve been using the Sonic for a month now in every condition imaginable – flat water, race, surf, bump, and current. Incredible. The response to the conditions is amazing. It’s stable and keeps the board loose for turns – buoy and on the wave. It’s light, strong, and solid. Stoked on this fin. You will be, too.

  9. Excellent fin for beach race and surf conditions.


    The sonic is an excellent fin for beach race and surf conditions that provides good handling in tight buoy turns and can be used as well in downwind conditions as it offers you an easy and accurate handling of the board once you’re on a bump. I would recommend this fin to anyone that wants to start getting into wave conditions with their race board.

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