Black Project Wins 21st World Title at 2021 ICF World SUP Championship

Our hunt for 20 SUP World Titles? Mission Accomplished.

With 51 countries represented and over 500 athletes participating, the 2021 ICF World SUP Championships was a high-profile showdown of the best paddlers on the planet––the perfect proving grounds for Black Project’s high-performance paddles and fins.

For that reason, it was especially gratifying for our team to reach such a significant milestone at the biggest SUP race since the pandemic. Team paddler Fiona Wylde continued her dominant 2021 season by claiming convincing wins in both the Women’s Long Distance and Technical events––representing Black Project’s 20th and 21st SUP World Titles.

“Just shows that when you have a dream and a goal, don’t ever stop until you’ve reached it,” Wylde said following the Distance race. “Never give up! Thank you to my family, we did it!”

Fiona Wylde was racing with her favorite flat water fin – the Tiger.

Black Project’s Journey to 21 World Titles

Crossing the threshold of 20 championships has long been a dream of the Black Project team. While our athletes enjoyed a breakout season in 2019––winning an unprecedented 14 World Titles––the pandemic halted SUP competition. But instead of resting on our laurels, we used 2020 to keep working, keep improving and keep getting faster. While the start line was quiet, we were meticulously developing and testing our range of SUP paddle and fins.

Our first real test came at the 2021 Gorge Paddle Challenge, where our new Hydro FlowX paddle proved its dominance throughout the weekend. That success was followed by Niek Van Der Linde using our Hydro FlowX to not only win the SUP 11-City Non-Stop Race, but also break the 24-hour SUP distance record by paddling 204 kilometers in just under 24 hours.

With Wylde claiming two ICF World Titles in Hungary, our march to 20 is complete. While we’re celebrating the achievement, the BP development team remains hyper-focused on improving the performance of our paddles and fins. Because our ultimate goal remains the same: improving the on-water experience for paddlers of all skill levels.

Successful Debut of Our New Asymmetric Fin at ICF

While our Hydro FlowX paddle has garnered the most attention, we’re also working on developing and testing a new high-performance asymmetric race fin—the Vector.

While it isn’t yet available for purchase, BP team paddler Connor Baxter successfully debuted the fin during the ICF World Championship 200M Sprint race. After advancing into an absolutely stacked Finals race, Baxter finished second following a fierce battle between eight of the world’s fastest paddlers.

“I was very happy with the Vector,” said Baxter. “It allowed for same-side paddling even when the wind was crossing over the side. This is definitely a fin I would have in line for all my competition.”

Stay tuned for more details about how the Vector will improve your tracking and why it deserves a spot in your fin box.

Until then, we’ll see you on the water.


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