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100% Carbon SUP Race Fin


(22 customer reviews)


100% Carbon SUP Race Fin


(22 customer reviews)


SUP Race Fin For Increased Tracking & stability, Ideal For Choppy Water & Long Distances 

Offering exceptional tracking, stability and speed, the RAY is designed for the intermediate paddler. 

While the increased depth and surface area will help you stay upright and tracking straight, its proprietary foil and low drag profile helps paddlers to gain speed with increased glide between stokes. 

The Ray shares much of its DNA with the smaller TIGER, but its larger size makes this an ideal change-up fin for choppy days or if you recently switched to a narrow board and are looking for more stability. And with a 35° rake, paddlers can speed up buoy turns while remaining balanced and in control.

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22 reviews for Ray

  1. Ray

    Fuyuki Tsumagari

    I received this new Ray the other day and tried it out right away. Anyway, the stability is different compared to other fins. And the glide with each stroke is really good. It’s a very good fin.

  2. Stability & Control

    Ana Velez (verified owner)

    I bought a High end touring paddleboard at the end of last year, but while paddling, my board kept going sideways. A friend of mine recommended this fin, and it was just what I needed—fantastic tracking and stability. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and I haven’t returned to my other fins. Thank you so much for an amazing product

  3. The Ray was just what I needed

    Mike Sorth (verified owner)

    Put a Ray on my new Starboard Sprint. Tracks straighter than ever and adds a little stability to the twitchy board. Love it!

  4. Stable, Lift and Speed

    Ionut Dumitrescu

    Hi all! 2-3 months back I said is time to upgrade my SB Sprint and Allstar and decided to buy some performance fins – Ray, Maliko and Sonic. Used them many times on both Sprint /Allstar and I can say is worth the investment – Ray is super stable (good in choppy water) and has super tracking & glide, felt that from the very first moment when I shift from std fin, gives you good amount of lift, track and then just glides, best distance per stroke in my case. Sonic is more towards advanced, not so stable, but super fast in flat water on my Sprint, good for training and for sure good for flat racing – top speed with Sonic during my first trials with the 3 fins. Maliko I use the most now, I find it in between them and is good for my level now, in choppy, not to rough water for 12 to 14 km sessions. Will soon add the Tiger in my collection to have the full range. Thanks, BlackProject team for fast & safe delivery! Ionut

  5. Ray Fin

    Chris Cabbat (verified owner)

    I received my new fin 3 days ago and took it out twice. Off the bat, I noticed stability, control, and speed compared to my stock fin. I wish I knew about this fin a long Instant impact on stability and control. Great tracking with zero perceived drag. So smart. Wish I had ordered long ago! Love Black Project. So want a new paddle now too. Great experience all around time ago! Great experience all around from customer service to the performance of my new fin. I’m a huge fan of Black Project!

  6. Exceeded expecations!

    David McMillan (verified owner)

    It took a lot to bite the bullet and spend this much on a fin but it has been worth every penny so far. Great quality, nicely packaged, fast delivery and oh yeah – the most important part – it works great! I wanted something to add some stability to my Starboard Airline and this was just the ticket. Now looking for my next addition to the quiver.

  7. Nice Fin

    Thomasz (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship. The performance in wind and chop (15-20 knots) and snow with -5 C* was great. For sure this fin works great!

  8. Fast and Stable

    James (verified owner)

    As the product description alludes to, it’s the perfect fin for those wanting top-notch performance and forgiveness. I recently purchased a 14’x25” Flying Fish Freedom and the transition to a top-tier race board from a 10’6”x31” cruiser was a bit of a learning curve to say the least. The RAY was instrumental in that transition. It’s the perfect blend of speed, responsiveness, and stability. It pairs perfectly with my Lava!

  9. Great stable fin

    Paul Davidson (verified owner)

    Now have a full range of BP fins ranging from the sonic to the Ray. This is a great addition and adds some great stability for those cross wind messy days. Still a very fast fin and faster than other fins I’ve had with similar surface areas.

  10. A great all around fin


    Very nice carbon fin. I can’t really tell the difference between this one and my previous. I have a pretty narrow race board and this helps with my board stability. Black project is definitely among the best brands for SUP.

  11. Excellent Fin Upgrade for Non-Racer

    cmh.103146 (verified owner)

    After upgrading my paddle quiver with a Hyrdo Reflex and a Lava, I started to look at doing something similar with my fin set-up (I previously had an FCS Touring fin, which was heavy and didn’t do much in the way of performance). At minimum, I wanted something lighter. And although I am not a racer, I am an experienced fitness paddler that likes to go for longer workout paddles in varied conditions – calm, wind, chop, boat wake, etc. – in both flat water and ocean. The Ray was the absolute right choice for me as it is significantly lighter than the fins that came with my boards and the FCS Touring fin. Of note is that I do not own a race board and have a mixture of more of the recreational shape boards ranging from 10’2″ to 10’10”. This fin works really well to give those boards more touring capability and stability, so you don’t have to have a race board to benefit from this kind of fin. They work for everyone. Another fantastic addition of Black Project gear to my set-up(s). Quality and craftsmanship is top drawer. And it literally arrives on my doorstep in 2 days’ time. My great thanks to Chris and the BP team for continuing to innovate and develop such great products.

  12. New Ray Fin

    jeffrey (verified owner)

    I recently switched to a SIC 14′ RS 24.5 board with a SIC Weedless fin and like to do fast long distance paddles in Puget Sound, but the board with the Weedless fin means I spend a fair amount of time in the water in confused seas…8 falls in 11 mi gets tiresome! So I switched to the Ray fin to add stability and could not be happier. I did a nearly 10 mi paddle last night with no falls. Yes the water was less confused, but even where I encountered big boat waves, cross winds and cross seas/currents, I never felt like I was too tippy. The Ray is the missing piece I needed!

  13. Outstanding addition to my 14 X 25" dugout

    markhodges22 (verified owner)

    Outstanding addition to my 14 X 25″ dugout SUP to increase stability and improve the overall handling. The board was especially improved in its ability to track reliably against a crossing wind. I was pleased that his large and tall (but quite light) fin actually was slightly faster and still allow predictable sharp turning. It added to my confidence, and increased my fun factor. It was a great purchase and addition.

  14. Outstanding Stable Fin!

    Jim Emery (verified owner)

    Being relatively new to paddling I reached out to Chris and he was incredibly helpful and willing to talk about fins and paddles. I opted for the Ray after talking with him about my skills and board choice. While a somewhat larger fin, the Ray is still very light and adds great stability and tracking to my new board. I believe it gives me the added stability and performance I need as my skills and fitness develop!

  15. The Longboard/Surf Base Ray solidified my Red Paddle race board!

    Clare Hirai (verified owner)

    Red Elite 14×25 owner here. Like others before me, I put my hopes in the Ray to improve my inflatable race board’s stability, and some enhanced tracking would of course be most welcome. Let me say that the Ray more than delivered. The board’s side-to-side chatter–part of the deal for any narrow inflatable–has quieted down, and thanks to the strong tracking I am getting more propulsion with every stroke. Be sure to choose the Longboard/Surf base option for Red Elite. Mahalo to Chris for making sure I got the right match!!

  16. My Ultra Reliable Super Stable Ray

    Michael Klos

    This Ray fin is super cool, in choppy cross onshore big swell conditions I can keep my stability and tracking on a thin 2019 starboard allstar 14′ x 24.5″ and I am ‘heavy’ at 6’3″ and 200lbs…. 🙂

  17. I love my Ray!

    DENNIS POREMSKI (verified owner)

    Instant impact on stability and control. Great tracking with zero perceived drag. So smart. Wish I had ordered long ago! Love Black Project. So want a new paddle now too. Great experience all around.

  18. What a game changer regarding stability.

    Doug wirth (verified owner)

    Been paddling a 24” x14’ rogue for about 3 years been unstable with the factory fin just put on the Ray what a game changer regarding stability I truly look forward to paddling the rogue know tracks straight as a arrow

  19. The fin greatly improves stability and tracking.

    Christoph (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping as usual, thank you very much Chris. The quality of the fin is amazing, super lightweight and durable.
    I use the Ray fin on my 14×21,5 board when it gets choppy. The fin greatly improves stability and tracking. Awesome product!

  20. I’m completely overwhelmed with the performance of the Ray on my board.

    Carlos Rego

    I’m completely overwhelmed with the performance of the Ray on my board.
    I was aware that a good Fin can make a difference on the water but I didn’t knew that you could basically fully upgrade a board with just a Ray fin. This is what I felt.
    With the Ray I was able to bring the performance o my inflatable race board to a level that I thought it was not possible.
    Front bumps, side bumps, cross bumps, Strong side currents, front currents… it didn’t matter because my board was able to handle those challenges in such a way that it almost felt like I was riding a rigid race board.
    At a time I had to handle a bumpy strong side current for one Kilometer and I was able to keep my speed and track with no hassle.
    I never felt so confident on the water with my board as I did with a Ray.
    Kudos to the Black Project team for creating such an amazing product.

  21. Super fast shipping

    Scott Brady (verified owner)

    It’s an awesome fin, super fast shipping, couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Cant wait to get it on my board.

  22. My board is tracking straighter with increased stability

    Stephen Williamson (verified owner)

    Since adding the Ray, my board is tracking straighter with increased stability. In a race last weekend I faced the most chop I have ever experienced and stayed upright.

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