Maliko v3: Downwind SUP Fin for Intermediate to Advanced Paddlers

There’s no way around the fact that downwinding is challenging. Navigating a 14-foot board through unpredictable variables including wind, swell and current presents an intimidating task. However, it’s also true that a good downwind run is some of the most fun you’ll ever have on a standup paddleboard.

While the right board and SUP paddle are important, your fin has a huge impact on your board’s handling characteristics. For most paddlers, our Maliko v3 downwind fin is the ticket to a better downwind paddling experience.

Designed to improve performance and handling with enhanced glide, forgiving stability, and increased maneuverability, the Maliko v3 is ideal for intermediate to advanced paddlers navigating downwind conditions in light-to-medium wind and swell. Harnessing the flow of the water, the Maliko v3’s high-performance characteristics helps paddlers increase speed and save energy by easily linking bumps together.

While more advanced paddlers may opt for our Sonic for maximum maneuverability, most paddlers will benefit from the balance of stability and maneuverability offered by the Maliko v3. Ideally suited to an all-round, cross-over board like the Starboard All-Star, the Maliko v3 enhances the board’s glide and footsteering capabilities—allowing you to catch more glides and have more fun.

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45° Rake Angle Improves Footsteering & Sheds Debris, Weed & Trash

The progressively curved, surfing inspired outline helps with foot steering, enabling the paddler to make micro directional and tracking adjustments with just a slight change of foot position or pressure, without the need to move all the wave to the tail of the board—ideal when connecting bumps. When on a good bump, the Maliko v3 will give you the confidence to step back and surf the swell from the tail. With a rake angle of 45 degrees, the Maliko v3 is better at shedding sea grass, kelp, river weeds and other debris in the water—an extremely important feature in many paddling locations. 

Reduced Cord Concept

The Reduced Cord Concept (RCC) enables us to reduce the fin size while maintaining tracking. At only 14 cm, the reduced cord of the Maliko v3 helps to minimize surface area while keeping the benefits of the fin length. While downwind, this narrower cord helps to make it easier to carve and change direction. Having as shorter base also enables you to move the fin forward and back—further back for more tracking and further forward for easier turning. 

Maliko v3 SUP Fin from Black Project

Medium Depth Provides Ideal Balance of Maneuverability & Tracking

With an overall depth of 21 cm (compared to 18 cm with the Sonic and 24cm of the Ray) the Maliko v3 achieves an optimal balance of tracking, stability and maneuverability. These three factors are particularly valuable for downwinding, especially amongst intermediate paddlers. 

Fresh New Artwork

The Maliko v3 also comes with a fresh new look—a distinctive aesthetic that will appeal to a wide-range of paddlers. We included more info and specs on each fin, making it easier for customers and retailers to identify the differences between the models. We are lucky to have added a graphic designer to our staff (Glenn), and you can expect to see  gradual improvements across the collections as we become more unified and cohesive in our branding.


Best For:Ocean & downwind racing where you can take advantage of the wind & flow.
Suitable For:Intermediate to advanced paddlers.
Depth (cm/in)21 / 8.27
Area (cm3 / in²)223 / 34.6
Cord (cm / in)14 / 5.5
Fin Base (cm / in)16.5 / 6.5
Leading Edge (degrees)45°
Foil TypeSymmetrical
ConstructionLiteCore Technology
Weight (gr / oz)175 / 6.17
Warranty1 yr
USA Retail (Ex Tax)$175
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As shown in the data table below, the Maliko v3 is the most-versatile fin that we offer and caters to nearly every paddler.

Intermediate Paddlers

The versatility of the Maliko v3 makes it a great choice for many intermediate paddlers. While it’s specifically designed to enhance performance in downwind conditions, it also excels in rivers with current and flow. Due to it’s weed-shedding outline, this fin has also been popular with paddlers looking for a medium sized fin with a good balance between tracking, stability and speed while paddling in water with weed, kelp or trash. 

Experienced Paddlers

Experienced paddlers will want to add the Maliko v3 to their quiver, especially if they paddle in downwind or river conditions. This surf-inspired fin makes it easier to connect bumps and expel less energy—ideal for long downwind runs. 




Professional Paddlers5
Advanced Paddlers10
Intermediate Paddlers8
Buoy Turning8
Weedy Water10
Shallow Water7
Black Project Maliko v3 SUP Fin
Black Project Maliko v3 SUP Fin
Arthur Arutkin and Fiona Wylde paddle with Black Project Maliko v3 SUP Fin


Downwind it feels fluid and responsive
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Tracking is spot on upwind and going into swell, with no noticeable drag but then downwind it feels fluid and responsive. Perfect for people like me who don’t want to have to keep changing fins depending on the conditions. Similarly, if your budget means you can only have one fin, then this has to be the fin of choice, In my view, this is the fin that is suitable for all and for all occasions.
This fin could serve as a one fin quiver for the average racer
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Just used the Maliko v3 with a 24″ Naish Maliko on a 22.5 mile race (half open ocean/half back bay). The fin ran through a gambit of conditions – chop, swell, DW conditions, current, wind and drafting. It excelled in all categories! I was hesitant to use a smaller fin but it has fantastic hold, super tracking, and great reactivity on the bumps. We don’t typically get DW’ers on the East Coast for races, but this one did and I had no problem linking bumps. In the flats it tracked so well and is one of the easiest fins to foot steer while drafting I have also done bouy turns and it It also does a pretty damn good job with buoy turns. . Clearly this fin could serve as a one fin quiver for the average racer. Very happy with my purchase!
Maliko a Game-Changer -- Not Just For The Elite
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It’s like spending a $175 for a whole new board... This fin helps keep the board as stable as a much bigger fin, without slowing you down like a big fin. It also lets you turn where your big fin might leave you stuck in side chop and struggling to get your nose back upwind.

What we think about the Maliko v3

Thanks to their ease, and range of use, Maliko fins have always been popular with a wide range of paddlers. This fin makes down winding easier and is best suited to medium conditions and straighter courses such as the Viento run in Hood River. This fin works particularly well on boards where the fin box is a little further forward and away from the tail^^. Overall, this is an easy to use, performance enhancing paddle board fin which will find a way into the fin quiver for most paddlers, from intermediates to professionals alike.

^^ moving your SUP fin forward is like making it smaller, while moving it back is equivalent to making it bigger. Hence, boards with fin boxes further forward tend to need a bigger fin, while boards where the fin box is close to the tail, can use a smaller fin.

 — Chris Freeman, Black Project SUP Founder 


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