Tiger v2: SUP Race Fin for Speed and Maneuverability

Forged from the most successful SUP race fin of all-time, the Tiger v2 makes speed and maneuverability easier and more accessible than ever—the one fin that unites all paddlers.

It’s not often in sports that you get to use the same specialized equipment as the pros. You won’t get to drive Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car or swing Tiger Woods’ driver—that equipment requires a skill level that most will never achieve, nor experience.

At Black Project, it’s our mission to ensure standup paddlers never face those same barriers. Our customers deserve to reap the same performance benefits that are afforded to World Champions like Arthur Arutkin or Fiona Wylde. We work closely with these elite champions to develop our premium SUP fins and deliver a significant performance advantage to every paddler—regardless of where your start line is. 

No matter if you’re fighting for a SUP World Championship or a personal best time around the harbor—our Tiger v2 successfully bridges the gap between yourself and the pros. Welcome to the big leagues.

While the original version of this fin—Tiger v1—has won countless races and over a dozen World Championships, we’ve continued to tweak and fine-tune its best characteristics to deliver an improved paddling experience. Our ultimate goal was that the Tiger v2 would help paddlers generate “easy speed.” It took many months, testing sessions, debriefs, prototypes, and computer models—but we have finally accomplished that goal.

With the Tiger v2, paddling like a pro has never felt easier.

Ray v2: New SUP Race Fin for Increased Stability and Tracking

The Condor – Our Smallest, Lightest and Fastest SUP Race Fin

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Higher Aspect 45° Curved Outline

There is a common misconception in SUP that a wide base fin is good for tracking, but that’s a very inefficient way of achieving tracking or stability. We’ve increased the efficiency of the Tiger v2 by making the cord 5 mm narrower (Reduced Cord Concept), while also making the fin 10 mm longer and increasing the rake to 45 degrees.

This new high aspect curved outline results in paddlers having an increased ability to use foot steering for tracking—enabling a paddler to fine-tune the trim and direction of their boards with subtle foot movements. The increased maneuverability is especially valuable considering SUP raceboards have become narrower, lighter and more responsive over the past few years—making the Tiger v2 your secret weapon for getting maximum performance out of your board.

Reduced Cord Concept

First introduced with the Condor, the Reduced Cord Concept (RCC) enables us to reduce the fin size while maintaining tracking. The cord of the Tiger v2 is 13.5cm / 5.3” — 5mm less than the original at 14cm / 5.5”.

The reduced cord also increases tuning options as the fin can be moved forward and aft, even in short fin boxes. For example, you would move your fin forward for more pivot and back for increased tracking.

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Deep Foil Concept

The foil of the Tiger v2 has been redesigned with our Deep Foil Concept (DFC)—leading to a significant increase in both speed and stability. With the DFC, the fin is narrower at the base and the foil increases as you move towards the center depth, thinning out again as it moves towards the tip.

By putting the foil deeper in the water and away from the turbulence of the board, the foil (and drag created by it) becomes more efficient. Additionally, paddlers will also benefit from the keel stability effect created by the deeper foil. The DFC design not only creates less drag and more speed, but also increases stability and tracking—providing a massive performance advantage.

The DFC also eliminates the foil overhang, where the bottom of the foil meets the base. This makes it much easier to fit this fin to a variety of different boards. We still have two different base options, but this makes it easier to factor in the variances between a wide-range of board brands.

Fresh New Artwork

The Tiger v2 also comes with a fresh new look—a distinctive aesthetic that will appeal to a wide-range of paddlers. We included more info and specs on each fin, making it easier for customers and retailers to identify the differences between the models.

We are lucky to have added a graphic designer to our staff (Glenn), and you can expect to see gradual improvements across the collections as we become more unified and cohesive in our branding.


Best For:Ideal for a wide range of racing on flat water courses with multiple buoy turns.
Suitable For:Advanced to professional athletes.
Depth (cm/in)21 / 8.27
Area (cm3 / in²)229 / 35.5
Cord (cm / in)13.5 / 5.3
Fin Base (cm / in)15.5 / 6.10
Leading Edge (degrees)45°
Foil TypeSymmetrical
ConstructionLiteCore Technology
Weight (gr / oz)150 / 5.29
Warranty1 yr
USA Retail (Ex Tax)$175
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From intermediate to professional standup paddlers—the Tiger v2 is the one fin that belongs in everyone’s quiver. We designed the Tiger v2 to sit in the middle of our flatwater SUP fin collection—Ray v2 (intermediate), Tiger v2 (advanced), and Condor (expert/pro level).

While amateur or intermediate paddlers can use this fin to improve and get faster, professionals like Connor Baxter, Arthur Arutkin or Fiona Wylde will use this fin to compete and win at the highest levels of the sport—particularly when things get choppy. Here’s a breakdown of how the Tiger v2 fits into your skillset.

Intermediate Paddlers: These paddlers will want the Tiger v2 as an aspirational challenge, something to use when conditions are calm. However, most days they will be using our Ray v2 fin. 

Advanced Paddlers: These paddlers will use the Tiger v2 in a wide-range of conditions. They will also have a Condor for calmer conditions, or a Ray v2 for when it’s messy.

Elite Paddlers: These paddlers will always have a Tiger v2 in their bag when attending races—this is their go-anywhere, do-anything fin. While elite paddlers often use the Condor for extra speed, the Tiger v2 will be the fin in their box when conditions are more challenging. It’s also great for athletes sharing boards at events, because it’s so universal and easy-to-use.




Professional Paddlers10
Advanced Paddlers10
Intermediate Paddlers5
Buoy Turning10
Weedy Water8
Shallow Water9
Tiger v2 SUP race fin from Black Project

What we think about the Tiger v2

One of the successes of the original Tiger was its ease of use in a wide range of conditions. I believe the changes we’ve made to the Tiger v2 made it even easier to use—an ideal fin for a wide range of paddlers. With the introduction of the Condor (which many elites now use), we were able to make the Tiger even more accessible for advanced paddlers. This is especially true those looking for a slightly bigger fin or those on boards that don’t offer as much directional tracking built into the design.—Chris Freeman, Founder of Black Project SUP


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