Meet the New Surge: Your Ultimate Paddle for SUP Surfing

If you’re anything like me, you’re eagerly gearing up to enhance your SUP surfing skills this season.

This means dedicating more time to refining your technique, tweaking your board setup, experimenting with different fin configurations, dissecting your maneuvers (ideally with video analysis), and, inevitably, embracing the occasional wipeout. Undoubtedly, these efforts will contribute to your progress, but what if I told you that upgrading your paddle could significantly elevate your surfing performance?

While many of you reading this may already recognize the importance of a quality paddle, there are still SUP surfers out there who haven’t experienced the game-changing advantages offered by a Surge paddle. My mission is to ensure that every SUP enthusiast can benefit from the innovation and expertise poured into the design of the Surge by our team of designers and athletes.

The timing couldn’t be better for the release of the fourth iteration of the Surge, solidifying its position as the premier SUP surfing paddle on the market. Embraced by world champions and avid surfers alike, the Surge has garnered acclaim for its exceptional performance. 

So, what sets the Surge apart? Imagine a paddle that’s not just lighter, stronger, and more responsive, but also finely tuned to enhance your surfing experience. Whether you’re already a Surge paddler, contemplating an upgrade from another brand, or expanding your Black Project paddle collection, this article aims to explore why now is the time to invest in a new SUP surfing paddle.


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  • Ensures you always get a powerful stroke.
  • Forgiving when you don't get the full blade in the water.
  • Adds power for scratching into waves or punching through whitewater.


  • Single dihedral design is scooped out on either side of the central forward ridge.
  • Securely holds water through the power phase and eliminates lateral blade movement.
  • Delivers force in a smooth, efficient manner.


  • 30T Pre-Preg carbon shaft.
  • Delivers excellent performance, very low weight, and a near-zero failure rate.
  • Exceptional impact resistance is ideal for SUP surfing.


  • Specifically designed for SUP surfing.
  • Curved back and flat front creates a very different feel from other handles.
  • Shape provides instant feedback for easier orientation and faster reactions.
  • Surf Grip is comfortable for long surf sessions but not ideal for long distance flat water paddling.
  • Formally known as T-Handle


  • 26mm (Slim) shaft on Large, Medium, Small and Extra-Small blade sizes.
  • 29mm (Regular) shaft for XL blade.


  • We added extra carbon reinforcement to the blades edges.
  • All edges are rounded with smooth transitions.
  • Reduces or eliminates board damage.
  • Increased paddle strength.
  • Rounded edges are safer, especially in the surf.


  • Smooth edges prevents board damage.
  • Reduces drag through the water.
  • Sleek and efficient transition between shaft and blade.
  • Reduces blade weight.


  • Direct and positive feel.
  • Instant acceleration.


  • Extra-Large: 568cm² / 88.0 in²  |  For 80 - 105 kg / 175 - 230 lbs
  • Large: 545cm² / 84.5in²  |  For 70 - 95 kg / 155 - 210 lbs
  • Medium: 519cm² / 80.4in²  |  For 60 - 85 kg / 130 - 185 lbs
  • Small: 485cm² / 75.2in²  |  For 50 - 75 kg / 110 - 165 lbs
  • Extra-Small: 446cm² / 69.1in²  |  For 40 - 65 kg / 85 - 140 lbs


  • The shaft has 2 x HEX joints.
  • Built to your desired length. 
  • Looks and paddles like a 1-piece paddle.
  • Complete with 3-piece paddle bag.
  • Ideal for travel.
  • Ideal for storage.


  • All unnecessary weight removed. 
  • Example: Medium that’s cut to 69″ (175cm) is only 13.2 oz (373 gr).
  • Approx. 50 gr lighter than any other surf paddle.
  • Reduced weight translates into improved paddling and surfing experience. 
  • Reduced weight is good for your body.
  • Despite the low weight the Surge is incredibly strong and built to handle the toughest situations.
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Optimized for SUP Surfing – Agile, Strong, Light

The Surge is the only paddle which is designed for and dedicated to SUP surfing enthusiasts. Developed thanks to our passion for surfing and the many hours we spend in the water. Our experience with a wide range of athletes, boards, and locations gives us unique insights which we use to make you a better surf paddle. With a shallow blade angle of 8°, the compact and powerful blade promotes the quick strokes (high cadence) needed to catch waves while the rounded outline ensures an easy catch during paddle amplified turns. Our industry leading paddle construction is optimized for strength in the surf zone is also results in the lightest surfing paddle available. Combined, the new and enhanced features make the Surge even stronger, lighter, and more agile. The competitive edge associated with the Surge was demonstrated during the 2023 season with Maximilian Torres winning the ISA SUP Surfing world championship title in France using the medium size blade.
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Surge paddle, sup surfing, carbon surf paddle, carbon sup paddle, black project sup, black project paddle, surge paddle, lightest sup paddle, Bernd Roediger, infinity sup, infinity surf

Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology (SDBT)

The Surge incorporates our Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology (SDBT) which holds water securely through the power phase, eliminating lateral movement and delivering force in a smooth, efficient manner. The extension of the dihedral ridge towards the toe of the blade keeps it stable and delivering power, even if you don’t get a full paddle stroke. The concave design of the two sides of the dihedral increases power output. The Surge blade is predictable, powerful, and efficient, encouraging the use of smaller sizes.

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Surf Grip Handle

The hollow pre-preg carbon Surf Grip (formerly known as the T-handle) is a standout feature of the Surge paddle. With its unique flat front and curved back design, this handle provides direct tactile feedback to the paddler, ensuring precise blade orientation. The compact size of the Surf Grip enhances paddle agility and ensures a secure hold during wipeouts. Constructed with thirteen layers of carbon, this handle is built to withstand the rigors of surfing while maintaining an impressively light weight of only 22 grams (0.78 oz)—making it the lightest paddle handle in our lineup.
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New Apex Carbon Shaft

The Apex shafts also feature 30T laminates for reduced weight and increased paddling power. Being marginally stiffer than previous models the shafts have been optimized for the full range of paddlers. With the trend towards slightly higher volume SUP surf boards, we wanted to increase power slightly and these new shafts help us achieve this while maintaining our familiar flex, reducing fatigue, and safeguarding against injury – when the surf is good, we want you to make the most of it with long pain free sessions.

APEX carbon, sup paddle shaft, black project, sup surfing

Upgraded Blade Construction with 30T Carbon and Edge Protection

The new Surge features an upgraded blade construction. By replacing the laminates with a stronger, stiffer, and lighter 30T pre-preg carbon, we have been able to make the Surge feel more responsive in the water. With increased power output per stroke, waves are easier to catch – the more waves you ride the better your surfing will become. Thanks to a reduction in laminate weights, we were able to add additional carbon into the layup for added strength, we doubled the thickness of the carbon reinforcement of the blade edge making the paddle more resilient to impacts from board and reef. This has all been achieved while also reducing the overall paddle weight.

Crash with Confidence

It’s time to break free from your surfing comfort zone, and we’re here to encourage you to embrace wipeouts with confidence. The Surge paddle is engineered to withstand punishment from the biggest of waves and gnarliest wipeouts. Through rigorous testing by our athletes, we’ve pushed the limits of this paddle, and after producing thousands of Surge paddles, I can confidently affirm its exceptionally low failure rate.

Backing our commitment to strength and durability is our 1-year warranty, providing you with added reassurance. Plus, with its hot glue assembly, replacing parts, if needed, is a breeze. Armed with this knowledge, you’re empowered to push your limits, take off deeper, tackle bigger waves, and expand your surfing horizons with confidence.


At Black Project, we advocate for the adoption of smaller and more efficient paddle blades across all disciplines, and this principle holds particularly true for surfing. To simplify the process for you, we’ve already conducted the scaling and optimization, allowing you to confidently select your paddle using the table provided below. There’s no need to overanalyze your size decision – we’ve taken care of that for you.

Recognizing that your paddle is an investment, we’re committed to providing personalized assistance. If you ever find yourself unsure about which paddle is the best fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to ensure you make an informed choice that enhances your time on the water.

Size (cm2)568545519485446
Size (in2)88.084.580.475.269.1
Paddler Weight (KG)80 - 10570 - 9560 - 8550 - 7540 - 65
Paddler Weight (lbs)175 - 230155 - 210130 - 185110 - 16585 - 140


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