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90% Carbon SUP 3-Piece Travel Paddle

Lava Travel 3-Piece

(4 customer reviews)


90% Carbon SUP 3-Piece Travel Paddle

Lava Travel 3-Piece

(4 customer reviews)


A lightweight & forgiving 3-Piece Travel SUP Paddle built to excel in all conditions from flat water to surfing

Versatile, strong and lightweight, the LAVA is your best bet if you want one paddle to do it all.

This full carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles, but features a more forgiving blade design that’s better suited for a less aggressive and lower cadence paddle stroke.

Featuring our HEX join system for an almost invisible and secure join which offers a one piece paddling experience in a 3-piece travel paddle.

Complete with paddled case for storage and travel.

Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the Lava caters to all paddlers in all conditions.



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4 reviews for Lava Travel 3-Piece

  1. Incredibly light and solid feeling

    Chad Roemer (verified owner)

    I’m coming from a stock carbon/fiberglass three piece paddle with a nylon coated (aluminum maybe) blade with round junction points top and bottom. It got me where I wanted to go, but I knew I wanted lighter. Not only is the Lava travel paddle lighter, it is so well balanced from end to end. When the box was delivered it felt empty. I pulled it all out and assembled it right away. The hex joint is a little snug, but it absolutely does not move at all. The top adjustable portion does not move either, and is very easy to adjust with a flip of the clamp. Without a one piece or adjustable (two piece) paddle to compare to, the three pieces of this paddle connect/integrate together so well that it could be just a two piece design. I was a little thrown off by the smaller blade size, but the shaft is stiffer than my stock paddle, and the lighter weight allows you to turn over your paddle stroke much quicker and more efficiently. I feel like this will be nicer on my shoulders in the long run. The balance of the paddle is amazing. I really can’t feel a difference in weight from the handle to the blade, and I would be surprised if there isn’t one. My wife and I swapped paddles so she could try it, and she was amazed. This is a long term investment that I hope will follow me to future boards. Amazing all around every day or travel paddle.

  2. What I expected and more.

    Andrew Uyeda (verified owner)

    First off I’d like to say Chris is on it and customer service is unbeatable. Paddle is beautiful and everything i excepted. The construction is solid. I email Chris on a Sunday and got a reply with in minutes. I asked if the 3-piece lava adjustable could be shortened to 160cm. He assured me he could, I put my order in and 3 days later its at my house. Chris this paddle is a gift and is currently on a 6900 mile journey to its new home. Im sure she’ll be impressed just like I was. Thank u for making the sale and customization of the paddle so easy..
    Big Mahalo Chris

  3. Next level paddle...

    Keith Gainsboro

    Great design, super light weight, seamless fit, can’t go wrong. Well done!

  4. Seriously...this is a travel paddle! No, this could be my everyday paddle!


    So thankful for the Lava three piece fixed length paddle. It is so good it could be my everyday paddle. The padded case is awesome too! I flew a couple times from Florida to Cali and the airlines make you check the paddle and it arrived in perfect shape. It’s light, there’s no flex in the paddle – it’s very stiff. Does not feel like a travel paddle at all.

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