The Benefits of Rounded Edges and Seamless Joints on a SUP Paddle

Safer, Lighter & Stronger SUP Paddles

In the early days of SUP, there was one particular issue with paddles that really bothered us––the simple act of paddling was damaging our boards. Paddles with sharp edges and pronounced joints (which many brands still use) would cut into our boards, especially when using an unstable blade that’s prone to wobbling and bouncing off our rails.

Eventually, these small impacts lead to big rail damage––both cosmetic and structural––which can affect both your paddling experience and resale value. To ensure our paddlers don’t run into those issues, we carefully design our paddles to protect both your board and body.

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Solution #1 – Rounded Paddle Blade Edges

All of our paddles are designed with carbon-reinforced, rounded blade edges. While we experimented with using plastic ABS edges on our paddles, the carbon structure proved more reliable over time.

The rounded edges do not damage your board and are safe to the touch. And while sharp edge paddles can be very dangerous if you hit them during a fall, our rounded edges are much safer and will protect both you and your board from a nasty cut.

Solution #2 – Enhanced Paddle Design

By developing stable paddle blades that pull through the water without side-to-side movement (known as flutter), we’ve eliminated the need to anchor your paddle against the rail. And even if you do rub the rail, our rounded edges ensure it’s only a glance and no damage is sustained to either the paddle or the board.

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Solution #3 – Slimline and Smooth Blade/Shaft Joint

Far too many paddles have a bulky joint between the shaft and the blade. We smoothed and removed all edges to promote paddle efficiency while also reducing board damage. Additionally, this provides the advantage of reducing weight.


The Result – SUP Paddles Which Are Better By Design

Details matter. It is our job to rethink and improve paddle design so you can enjoy the best experience that standup paddling has to offer. We are constantly analyzing our paddles and striving for the next advancement that will impact your paddling in a positive way.

The rounded edges and seamless joints on our paddles are just two small examples of our meticulous attention to detail and quest for innovation. It’s all part of Black Project’s continuous mission to build a better paddle.


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