Hydro FlowX Named “Best Paddle Money Can Buy” in SUPboarder’s Paddle Test

The accolades keep rolling in for our flagship Hydro FlowX SUP Paddle. It was recently named the winner of SUPboarder’s 2022 Race/Touring SUP Paddle Test. Expert paddlers from SUPboarder recently tested 16 different paddles from a range of SUP brands, but it was the Hydro FlowX that ultimately claimed the coveted title of, “Best Paddle Money Can Buy” with a test score of 33.3/40.

Best carbon sup paddle for touring and racing


Featuring a revolutionary blade design that includes our proprietary Advanced Flow Technology and Deep Power Scoop, this test-winning and World Record-breaking paddle redefines what a paddle stroke feels like. The Hydro FlowX offers paddlers a fluid stroke movement which reduces energy usage while increasing forward thrust—ideal for training, racing or cruising.

The premium finish and peak performance of the Hydro FlowX was evident to the team at SUPboarder. Their team of six experienced testers all loved the performance and feel of the Hydro FlowX, noting the incredibly light weight, grippy shaft, refined edges, and high-tech engineering of the blade. The reviewers were each impressed with how easily the blade moved through the water, ultimately creating less fatigue and better power.

It was especially pleasing to hear that they loved our new PowerGrip handle (scoring 5/5).

Learn more about the PowerGrip.

“Compared to cheaper paddles with similar blade shape, you can see there is more refinement and sharper edges with the Hydro FlowX,” said SUPboarder. 

Interestingly the Hydro SprintX actually scored higher in the test with 33.7/40 while the Hydro TempoX came in 4th in the numerical ratings with 31.3/40. By securing 3 out of the top 4 spots the Hydro paddle collection underlined Black Project’s superior paddle performance and quality. 

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Explore the Hydro TempoX

To see the full review and how the Hydro FlowX stacked up to the competition, head over to SUPboarder and sign up for their PRO account to get access to their objective expert reviews of paddles, boards, fins and more.  




Steve P.
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Magic. I was skeptical since the Hydro is the best paddle I’ve ever used, but the Hydro FlowX is noticeably better. The blade seems to plant itself and stay planted. The catch is slightly softer and easier on the joints, but very solid. I’m able to grab the water and propel the board past the blade with little-to-no-slippage and with remarkable speed for the effort. Easy speed. Almost feels like cheating. I plan to enjoy this advantage while I can before everyone switches. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a piece of SUP race equipment.  
Jim N.
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You will have to try this paddle to understand how silky smooth and powerful it is. It’s not only faster and lighter but is a pleasure to paddle. The catch is super solid but not jarring, and you can feel the power building all the way through the stroke until the shaft releases  its bend and gives you a final burst of acceleration. I just got back from my fourth paddle session and about 40 miles in conditions ranging from dead calm to 15 mph winds with light chop and have loved every mile with this paddle. I’m excited to see how much faster I can go when races start up again.
Mark S.
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This paddle is my best buy ever in SUP. I have a history of shoulder problems, but this paddle is amazing. It has a firm stable catch, no wobble whatsoever, and it plants really well. I expected to feel a lot of force on my body like my other paddles, but no, the power delivery is super smooth and stable. It really is easier on the body. With this paddle I want to paddle faster and longer, so it’s great for racing but also superb for cruising with the grippy Texcarbon. The service from Chris was exceptional with choosing paddle and shaft combination. Compliments. I can recommend this paddle to anyone. It’s superb.


If you have any questions about the Hydro FlowX paddle and whether it is suitable for your paddling needs, please get in touch and we can discuss via chat, email or arrange a personal consultation.

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