Reviews: Hydro FlowX SUP Paddle Earns High Praise

The response to our new Hydro FlowX has been overwhelming.  

Featuring a revolutionary new design––including our proprietary Advanced Flow Technology and Deep Power Scoop––the goal of the Hydro FlowX was to redefine what a paddle stroke feels like.  

Incorporating over a decade’s worth of research, data and innovation, this paddle is lighter and faster than our original Hydro, while simultaneously requiring less effort from the paddler. Not only does this significantly improve speed and acceleration, but also leads to reduced fatigue and strain––extremely effective for preventing and rehabilitating injuries.  

We believe the Hydro FlowX is the best paddle in the sport. But at the end of the day, only one opinion truly matters––yours  

Whether you are training, racing or cruising, this paddle was designed to enhance every moment spent on the water––both in terms of performance and pleasure. Here’s what the Black Project ohana is saying about their on-water experience with the Hydro FlowX 

Pro SUP athletes views on the Hydro FlowX...

Tyler Bashor – @tyler_bashor – As an elite athlete, I’ve had the opportunity to try countless different paddles from a handful of companies. The catch and pull phase of the Hydro FlowX is much more forgiving and powerful than any other paddle I’ve used in the past. I always had trouble with sustaining sprints and bumping up my pace in the middle or end of a race, but the Hydro FlowX has really helped me overcome those difficulties. The flex of the paddle allows me to sustain longer distance sprints without overly taxing my muscles, while the Deep Power Scoop on the back of the blade creates a consistent catch. Both of these features create a great combination of both ease and power when I start sprinting.

Kane DeGrauw – @kanedegrauw_ – First of all, the Deep Power Scoop is a game changer for racing! This is our windy season, with the wind consistently blowing 20-30 knots and upwind paddling is where I felt this paddle shine. No chatter or turbulence in the water, combined with the increased rake angle, results in a very clean, consistent and smooth turnover. Efficiency, power, glide has all improved! We cannot wait to get to the start line of an upcoming sprint race with these weapons!

Chloe Walkerdene – @chloe_walkerdene – In addition to what Kane mentioned, I noticed the thick spine at the connection of the shaft and blade still has no wear and tear whatsoever. This is huge as we wore down our paddles very fast at the shaft in the past, but after three weeks and almost 250 kilometers, this paddle still doesn’t have a single scratch.

Do I need to upgrade from the Hydro? Former Hydro Owners Say…

Steve P.
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Magic. I was skeptical since the Hydro is the best paddle I’ve ever used, but the Hydro FlowX is noticeably better. The blade seems to plant itself and stay planted. The catch is slightly softer and easier on the joints, but very solid. I’m able to grab the water and propel the board past the blade with little-to-no-slippage and with remarkable speed for the effort. Easy speed. Almost feels like cheating. I plan to enjoy this advantage while I can before everyone switches. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a piece of SUP race equipment.  
Fred S.
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Started with a Hydro L, then went to a Hydro XL, now to the Hydro FlowX XL, the next step in Hydro Evolution. Better water release, stronger catch throughout the power band, lightest weight yet, shaft seems to have a little bit better grip, faster cadence as it pulls so easy my favorite paddle to date. Oh, it’s also gorgeous to look at!
Steve A.
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Coming from the Hydro of same length and medium blade size, the X in my hands has completely done away with any noisy, cavitating catches. The catch is buttery smooth and then strongly locked in. With the blade locked, I can now focus on improving my mid-to-late stroke phase. The AFT feature and longer throat of the blade has me wanting to go about  an inch deeper in the water than previously with the Hydro, again nudging me towards my goal of improving mid-stroke power. Taken together, I’m convinced that the Hydro FlowX is simply the best tool at hand to up my average and top speeds.
Bill S.
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Got the Hydro FlowX today in the Florida Keys  and I dunno what tech voodoo you’ve done to make the Hydro better…. but y’all did! I’ll admit I was skeptical if this was gimmick or real tech. But today in the FL Keys it was blowing  25-30 mph and I hit the water for a 2-mile tune-up paddle. 1 mile into the wind and 1 mile with the wind. On scooped out paddles I’ve personally had an issue with them fluttering, hence why I moved to a Hydro paddle. But man, hammering into the wind and waves today the Hydro FlowX didn’t even flutter once! Solid stable strokes with noticeable power behind it. Then in downwind (surf conditions) I’ve also had issues with scooped paddles fluttering when hammering/sprinting to catch a wave, but the Hydro FlowX was Stable and Solid! Wow  the Hydro FlowX is No Joke and somehow lighter than my Hydro Slim Paddle.
Michaël R.
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Wow…this is SO much more powerful than the previous Hydro Large… almost got carried away on a headwind/chop 3.5-mile run on Saturday… 2 minutes faster in the end. After a rest, hit 9.5 mph during a burst sprint. Such grip and it kept accelerating my stroke, fantastic!
Keith C.
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I have been using the Hydro for 2 years and now I’m using the FlowX and it is even better. Did not think it was possible to raise the bar, but these guys totally nailed it. Significant difference in tracking.

Do you get a more powerful stroke from the Hydro FlowX?

Stefan Z.
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Magical. My 2nd paddle from BP and I thought it could not get any better. The Hydro FlowX is even more defined in the catch, it glides incredibly clean through the water during the power phase and the power feels like you’re paddling one blade size larger.
Jim N.
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You will have to try this paddle to understand how silky smooth and powerful it is. It’s not only faster and lighter but is a pleasure to paddle. The catch is super solid but not jarring, and you can feel the power building all the way through the stroke until the shaft releases  its bend and gives you a final burst of acceleration. I just got back from my fourth paddle session and about 40 miles in conditions ranging from dead calm to 15 mph winds with light chop and have loved every mile with this paddle. I’m excited to see how much faster I can go when races start up again.

Is the Hydro FlowX good for paddlers with prior injuries?

Mark S.
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This paddle is my best buy ever in SUP. I have a history of shoulder problems, but this paddle is amazing. It has a firm stable catch, no wobble whatsoever, and it plants really well. I expected to feel a lot of force on my body like my other paddles, but no, the power delivery is super smooth and stable. It really is easier on the body. With this paddle I want to paddle faster and longer, so it’s great for racing but also superb for cruising with the grippy Texcarbon. The service from Chris was exceptional with choosing paddle and shaft combination. Compliments. I can recommend this paddle to anyone. It’s superb.
Stuart H.
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I actually ripped off my right pectoral a few years back and recovering from that is how I got into SUP. I never had it reattached and with all my other paddles, I have always struggled to control the flutter on that side since I can’t stabilize properly. I haven’t had that  issue with this paddle! Even on my weak side the stroke is extremely smooth and I feel in control at all times, which says a lot for the design!
Jose G.
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This new paddle is truly something! I love my Hydro paddles and they have been my go-to paddles for over 3 years, as they have helped me significantly improve my stroke efficiency while protecting my left shoulder, which suffers from chronic biceps and deltoid tendonitis. The new Hydro FlowX paddle pushes efficiency and cleanliness of your paddle stroke even further, basically eliminating any wobble while the paddle is in the water, resulting in more power while protecting your shoulder. The feel of this paddle is different and can take a bit to get used to, but once you do, the increase in power, speed and cleanliness is remarkable. Highly recommend it! Thank you Chris for improving on an already amazing product and moving the sport forward!

A Revolution in SUP Paddle Performance

With summer and SUP racing on the horizon, now is the best time to get your hands on this revolutionary paddle. Whether hitting the start line or lapping the local lake, the Hydro FlowX will give you the quiet confidence of knowing you’re holding the most advanced SUP paddle ever designed.

Together, let’s keep moving the sport forward, one paddle stroke at a time.

We’ll see you on the water. 

Photos: @fishbowldiaries

Athlete: @bernd_roediger


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