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Featuring Advanced Flow Technology (AFT)

Hydro FlowX

(4 customer reviews)


Featuring Advanced Flow Technology (AFT)

Hydro FlowX

(4 customer reviews)


Completely reimagined design, a paddle unlike any other.

The proprietary Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) is designed to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movements. The Deep Power Scoop (DPS) with dihedral edges delivers power in a controlled manner and works in harmony with our the AFT to create a first-of-its-kind paddling experience.

Our Fastest Ever Paddle – While individual results will vary and speed is just one aspect to consider, our testing has shown the Hydro FlowX will increase your average speed. When putting in a similar effort, paddlers can expect a 3-5% improvement in speed and lap times or paddle the same speed with less effort (when compared to the original Hydro, which is already faster than most race paddles).

Reduced Fatigue – The combination of flow technology and deep scoop produces a fluid stroke which reduces energy usage while increasing forward thrust. The outcome is significantly less paddler fatigue––enabling you to paddle longer and faster than ever before.

4% Lighter –To reduce overall weight, we reworked our layups and introduced 30-ton carbon – a strong but lightweight carbon that’s 25% lighter than our previous material. The resulting paddle is approximately 4% lighter than an equivalent model of the original Hydro. Weighing from just 345 grams (12.1 oz), paddlers can maintain a higher cadence for a longer period of time.

Even Stronger – The Hydro FlowX’s redesigned blade offers massive structural strength. This gave us the dual benefit of being able to optimize the use of carbon in certain areas, while still achieving an overall strength enhancement.

The first of these new paddles are ready to ship now and we have made a small number of Medium (SDS) available for immediate shipping from Maui. All sizes will be available to pre-order in a few days with shipping in early November.

All Hydro FlowX paddles come complete with our Paddle Bag ($100 value).

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4 reviews for Hydro FlowX

  1. Hydro FlowX Ocean Testing Upwind-Downwind

    Bill Silliman

    Got the Hydro FlowX today in the Florida Keys 🏝 and I dunno what tech voodoo you’ve done to make the Hydro better…. but y’all did! I’ll admit I was skeptical on if this was gimmick or real tech. But today in the FL Keys it’s blowing 25-30 and I hit the water for a 2 mile tuneup paddle. 1 mile into the wind and 1 mile with the wind. On scooped out paddles I’ve personally had an issue with them Fluttering. Hence why I moved to the a Hydro paddle. But man hammering into the wind and waves today the Hydro FlowX didn’t even flutter once! Solid stable strokes with noticeable power behind it. Then I’m down wind (surf conditions) I’ve had issues again with scooped paddles fluttering when your hammering/sprinting to catch a wave and the Hydro FlowX was Stable and Solid! Wow 😳 the Hydro FlowX is No Joke and somehow lighter than my Hydro Slim Paddle. Super Stoked by this Paddle that I’m seriously heading out again right now!

  2. Smooooother, lighter, FASTER....This paddle is AMAZING!

    Wendy Tillett

    I have been using The Black Project Hydro paddle for the past 2 years. As a smaller paddler, my blade size has been x-small and then this summer I was curious to know weather going up to a small would make a difference. I happily paddled well into the fall, satisfied with my choice. And THEN this happened: The HYDRO FlowX was born and presented to the world! This paddle is AMAZING…it is lighter (how could this even be?), it is so, so smooooooth and it moves through the water with ease and power! I have switched back to an x-small paddle and that is all I need. 2021 SUP season here I come:)

  3. Smooth and Strong

    Steve Axt (verified owner)

    Coming from the Hydro of same length and medium blade size, the X in my hands has completely done away with any noisy, cavitating catches. The catch is buttery smooth and then strongly locked in. With the blade locked, I can now focus on improving my mid to late stroke phase. The AFT feature and longer throat of the blade has me wanting to go about an inch deeper in the water than previously with the Hydro, again nudging me towards my goal of improving mid-stroke power. Taken together, I’m convinced that the Hydro FlowX is simply the best tool at hand to up my average and top speeds.

  4. Easy Speed

    Steve Phillips (verified owner)

    Magic. I was skeptical since the Hydro is the best paddle I’ve ever used, but the Hydro FlowX is noticeably better. The blade seems to plant itself and stay planted. The catch is slightly softer and easier on the joints, but very solid. I’m able to grab the water and propel the board past the blade with little to no slippage and with remarkable speed for the effort. Easy speed. Almost feels like cheating. I plan to enjoy this advantage while I can before everyone switches. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a piece of SUP race equipment.

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