Introducing the Hydro TempoX

Feel the rhythm of the water with our all-new Hydro TempoX.

Designed to elevate the standup paddling experience for a wide range of paddlers, the Hydro TempoX produces an exceptionally smooth, efficient and forgiving paddle stroke.

Inspired by our top-rated Hydro FlowX paddle, this new design is the perfect choice for flat-water paddlers searching for a mix of premium performance and high value.

“The concept for the Hydro TempoX was based on the growth of fitness paddling and people wanting to improve their paddling. We wanted to bring some of that ‘Formula 1-style technology’ we used in the Hydro FlowX, and introduce that to a wider market.” — Chris Freeman (@chrisk97), Black Project SUP Founder.  


Advanced Flow Technology (AFT)—a pronounced neck and spine of the paddle—has been a game-changer since we first introduced it on our flagship Hydro FlowX SUP race paddle.

Developed in collaboration with our team of professional paddlers, this proprietary technology significantly increases the efficiency of the paddle and balances the forces created by the paddle. Overwhelmingly positive reviews from real-world paddlers have only confirmed our own findings.

Similar in theory to a performance cycling helmet, the AFT parts the water and brings it back together in an efficient manner, minimizing turbulence around the blade and shaft. Reduced turbulence eliminates unwanted lateral blade movements so you can spend less time fighting their blade, and more time enjoying the paddling experience.

While this technology has only been available on the Hydro FlowX, we are thrilled to finally introduce this technology to the broader market.


Recreational paddlers need a combination of both power and stability in their paddles. For that reason, we worked hard to refine the Power Scoop of the Hydro TempoX. Our goal was to achieve an optimal balance between our Hydro FlowX’s Deep Power Scoop and our Hydro SprintX’s Shallow Power Scoop.

We crafted a Medium Power Scoop (MPS) on the Hydro TempoX blade face, an easy balance of power and stability. This MPS design works in harmony with our AFT, delivering increased power in a more controlled and fluid stroke.


Blade angle is incredibly important when it comes to the feel of your paddle stroke.

Elite and professional paddlers often prefer lower blade angles to promote high cadence paddling—for example our ultra-powerful Hydro SprintX only has 7.5° of blade angle. Though for most paddlers who enjoy longer paddle sessions for fitness training or casual racing, a higher blade angle will lend itself to a more enjoyable paddling experience.

For the Hydro TempoX, we went with 10° of blade angle (or offset). The benefits for this paddle are two-fold—it not only creates a more forgiving catch, but also enhances the feel and comfort of the paddle stroke. This combination of innovative blade design and higher blade angle allows paddlers to find their flow and hone their technique.


For Lava paddlers, it’s not only the design that’s getting a major upgrade with the Hydro TempoX. With 100% carbon construction, this paddle is lighter and more responsive.

Built in our REFLEX100 construction, the Hydro TempoX is lightweight, durable, and responsive for a performance-orientated paddling experience. For increased flex appropriate for smaller paddlers, the medium and small sizes come with the more flexible REFLEX90 shafts.


The Hydro TempoX also includes our new PowerGrip ergonomic racing handle—optimized for maximum power, increased efficiency, and better grip during rapid paddling.

The PowerGrip is triangular in nature, with a wider, flatter and more upright back than our previous handles. The slightly curved back fits naturally in your palm, while the indentation on the front adds comfort and security when wrapping your fingers and helps maintain grip when the paddle is rotated forward.

This new grip will maximize energy transfer to promote efficient paddling and speed.



  • The pronounced neck and spine of the AFT significantly increases paddle efficiency.
  • Eliminates lateral blade movements by reducing fluid turbulence around the blade and shaft.
  • Increased efficiency leads to a smoother paddle stroke, reduced fatigue and faster speeds.


  • Features a single deep scoop design with dihedral shaped edges on the blade face. 
  • Increases stroke power and delivers forward thrust in a smooth and controlled manner.
  • Power Scoop Technology works in harmony with Advanced Flow Technology.


  • Premium carbon construction combines unidirectional carbon and 3k carbon twill.
  • Medium and Small sizes come in more flexible REFLEX90 shafts.
  • Large and XL come in our REFLEX100 shafts.
  • Lightweight, durable, and high-performance.


  • New for 2022.
  • Optimized for maximum power, increased efficiency, and long-lasting comfort.
  • Developed in collaboration with pro paddlers Arthur Arutkin and Bernd Roediger.
  • Wider and flatter back creates a secure and long-lasting comfort.
  • Hollow to help eliminate any excess weight.



Actual Size (cm2)612563506470
Actual Size (In2)94.987.378.472.9
Max Width (mm)193181169163
Max Width (inches)7.607.136.656.42
HandleRed PowerGripRed PowerGripRed PowerGripRed PowerGrip
Paddler Weight (KG)90 - 11080 - 10070 - 9060 - 80
Paddler Weight (lbs)200-245175-220155-200130 - 175


Our goal has always been to improve the standup paddling experience for as many people as possible. We aim to achieve this mission through innovative designs, better materials and premium value. While we believe our Hydro FlowX is the best paddle in the sport, we understand that it’s not for every paddler.

We developed the Hydro TempoX to reach every paddler, regardless of skill level or budget. It’ll provide an opportunity to experience the ideal paddle stroke—effortlessly smooth and surprisingly powerful—at an incredible value. Everything we’ve learned about paddle technology has been infused into the Hydro TempoX—a clear performance advantage from your very first stroke.

From casual paddlers to dedicated athletes—the Hydro TempoX is your ticket to a better standup paddling experience.