“Changed the Game” | What Customers Say About Our Surge SUP Surf Paddle

If you want to surf longer, catch more waves, and experience less fatigue with fewer injuries—a high-performance SUP surfing paddle is the best investment you can make.

In fact, we’d argue that using a premium surf paddle is even more important than the SUP surfboard beneath your feet. That may sound like hyperbole, but it’s actually based on real-world feedback we’ve received from current Surge owners—many of whom have used our paddle to transform their SUP surfing experience. 

Lightweight and durable, the Surge combines exceptional power, blade stability and dynamic flex. The deep scooped dihedral blade shaping holds water securely through the power phase, while the TEXCARBON shaft provides unrivaled durability and flex for maximum performance. The smaller blade and increased flex is also easier on the body, allowing paddlers to surf longer, harder, and pain-free.

To help you better understand how these innovative features translate into performance in the lineup, we’ll let our customers do the talking with real-world SUP surf paddle reviews. Keep scrolling to see what paddlers are saying about their experience with the Surge.


Daniel Berry
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There are a few pieces of sports equipment that have really “changed the game” for me in terms of user experience and performance: I would put the Surge paddle in this category. It took me three years of surfing SUPs to understand that I shouldn’t just be investing in the right board, but that a quality paddle also makes a huge difference. Once this blade is in the water, it positively “locks in” without wobbling, in a way that increases my control during pivot turns and critical takeoff strokes... The shaft texture feels great on the palm and the shaft’s FLEXIBILITY is the final key element in the magic sauce. The spring and flex in the shaft, apart from making the paddling motion smoother, acts like a bow or pole vault under tensile force: when it releases, it recoils back into shape and provides extra acceleration forward, which I especially feel on that last power-stroke transitioning from catching the wave to surfing it. Beyond the performance factor, aesthetics are refined and the paddle is featherweight.
Cliff Von Langen
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I have been a SUP paddler for 12+ years and have owned many paddles. The Surge is by far the best surf paddle I have used. The blade is very effective, generating power quickly and throughout the stroke. The shaft feels “just right” to me with respect to flex, and the texture provides a secure grip that's quite comfortable in my bare hands. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like the Tahitian grip, which provides a positive indication of blade orientation and a very secure and comfortable handhold. Another surprise is how well it performed over distance when paddling my 14′ race board. From the grip to the tip of the blade, this paddle is well thought-out, practically perfect, and the finish is flawless. Mahalo!
Leslie Cho
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SO LIGHT, it’s unreal! The Surge has really elevated my SUP surfing to a whole new level–basically I’m getting more paddling power per stroke, with a lot less effort. The construction is super high quality, and I love the ergonomic handle–it fits nicely into the palm of the hand so your paddle automatically faces the right direction without you thinking about it. It’s also sleek and super sexy. I feel like I’m surfing 10x better already. The claims about this paddle correcting your form and alignment and reducing fatigue are 100% true. Customer service was fantastic. Chris is a gem. Thanks!
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I can honestly say getting the Surge paddle was almost like getting a new board in how much it changed my SUP surfing. I immediately realized a race paddle is not a surf paddle and one “size” does not fit all. Start to finish, Black Project dialed in the paddle to my specific style, board, height and weight. The blade size, shaft and handle are all specific to you. What really blew me away was the change in length that Chris suggested—it was a game changer. And it's so light! I’ve been using the Surge now for 4 months and it is an incredible paddle. If you SUP surf exclusively or want a paddle quiver – get this paddle!
Greg Harris
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The deeper I get into SUP surfing, the more I’ve realized the paddle is so vitally important. Getting this paddle, with a little more flex and smaller blade, have made a higher cadence paddle stroke feel so light and easy. I’m generating the speed I need, but the fatigue is far less. I can go longer and more days than ever before. I love the Reduced Diameter Shaft, even though I was very unsure about it at the beginning. It just feels like a natural extension of what I’m doing out there. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than other paddles, but it’s worth it!
James Taylor
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The feel is much different than my other carbon fiber paddles. You can definitely feel the flex and it adds to the amount of time I can spend on the water...and I no longer have a sore shoulder!


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Excellent paddle. I bought the Surge because I was having elbow pain and immediately noticed an improvement from the smaller blade size, flex pattern and the nice textured shaft (which makes it easier to grip the paddle). The blade feels great—just the right amount of power, smooth through the water, and no flutter when paddling or bracing. I’m 145 pounds and went with the Medium blade, Medium flex, and 3″ over my height. It was interesting to note that the Surge blade is lower aspect compared to my previous paddle’s blade, so a slightly “shallower” stroke fully immerses the blade. This reinforces the guidance to go with a shorter length if you're transitioning from a higher aspect blade. Another nice surprise: the 8-degree blade angle means that the paddle stays closer to the board when prone paddling through the surf. Very happy with the Surge.
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I started having bicep tendinitis and shoulder pain after ramping up my paddling frequency last year, which took me off the water for a while. To come back, I wanted to find a paddle with a smaller blade and that was lighter. Since I was focused on SUP surfing and SUP foiling, I chose the Surge. So far it has been a great improvement. Super light and allows for fast cadence... Happy with the paddle overall and I recommend it to others.
Rob Dedric
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I was using well-known carbon paddle from another company, which I loved. That was until my Surge Texcarbon arrived on my door step. Two hour SUP surfing sessions are now pain-free. I used to get a little lower back pain if my paddle stroke was out of form—GONE! Tight shoulders, which I use to wear as a badge of honor, are a thing of the past. I couldn’t believe how light this paddle feels and how solid the construction is. Smaller blade and more power...how is that possible?! Design, Build Quality and Customer Service are World Class.


William Haggerty
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I’ve been SUP surfing for 9 years and this is by far the best paddle I’ve used. After opening the box, I immediately noticed the paddle’s light weight. The strength of the paddle was evident after my first time in the water with it. After using it throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall for a total of 100+ SUP surf sessions, it’s delivered on my expectations. As an added bonus, the correct size and lighter weight have helped correct my technique and I haven’t experienced the shoulder soreness I’ve had in years past.
Michael Klos
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Super strong and light paddle. I have used paddles from many top brands for surfing and eventually break the blades. Not the case with the Surge. This blade is strong as titanium, yet light as a feather…very powerful and I can paddle a very long time without fatigue.
Ed Nimmons
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Durability is fantastic. I purchased the Surge after my other paddles snapped or deteriorated quickly—but this one is bullet proof. Performance is also great, it's surprising how much power you get from what would normally be a smaller blade compared to alternatives. Love the handle, very instinctive to know which way the paddle is facing after a wipeout. All good!
Lundy Fields
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I've been SUP surfing for 10 years and have used other top brand name, high-quality paddles—then I found the Black Project Surge. This paddle is amazing. It is SO light and strong. I have broken two different paddles in large surf, so having a strong paddle was important. I'm so glad I found the Surge!


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