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100% Texalium, Carbon & Kevlar SUP Surfing Paddle

Surge Texcarbon

(23 customer reviews)


100% Texalium, Carbon & Kevlar SUP Surfing Paddle

Surge Texcarbon

(23 customer reviews)


The lightweight, powerful & responsive SUP paddle for surfers

Lightweight and strong, the SURGE was designed to meet SUP surfers’ specific needs and has become the paddle of choice for many APP World Tour athletes including; Mo Freitas, Leco Salazar, Lara Claydon, Vania Torres Olivieri and more. 

Scooped dihedral blade shaping holds water in the power phase, delivering that quick acceleration needed to scratch into a set wave or escape the impact zone. To improve stability, the extended tapered scoop ensures you’ll get the most out of each stroke, even if you don’t get the full blade in the water.

Weighing from just 350 grams (12.3 oz), the SURGE is the lightest surf paddle on the market but doesn’t sacrifice durability in the process. This rare combination of toughness and performance is made possible by our proprietary TEXCARBON construction — Black Project’s lightest and strongest construction yet.

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23 reviews for Surge Texcarbon

  1. Favorite paddle


    Chris helped me dial in the perfect setup. He shortened my preferred length and reduced blade size. Much of my elbow pain is gone, I love this paddle! Solid construction, good for me cause I bottom out occasionally in the shallows. Light as a feather, lighting fast entry/exit from the water makes for quick maneuvering. This thing is a work of art. I recommend this paddle to every SUP dude I know.

  2. Only regret is waiting so long to make the switch!

    Scott Cleveland (verified owner)

    Worked with Chris to get the specs I needed on this paddle. He steered me in right direction – fantastic customer service! Surfed a few times with it and it’s the best paddle I’ve ever used. Similar grab and feel to the hydro coupled with the large blade makes a perfect compliment for my height/weight . Feel much stable and quicker getting into the waves and once on barely notice it’s in your hand it’s so light. Only regret is waiting so long to make the switch! Thanks again Chris for the great product and best customer service out there

  3. Design, Build Quality and Customer Service are World Class.

    dedric_rob (verified owner)

    I was using well known carbon paddle from another company, which I loved. That was until my Surge Texcarbon arrived on my door step.
    Prior to my purchase I had several questions about sizing and shaft flex which Chris answered. I trust the recommendations that he gives 100%. Two hour SUPsurfing session are now pain free, minus the minor contusion. I used to get a little lower back pain if my paddle stroke was out of form, GONE! Tight shoulders which I use to wear as a badge of honor, are a thing of the past. I couldn’t believe how light this paddle feels and how solid the construction is. I was catching waves after adjusting to the weight and the power generated by the blade. Smaller blade more power, how is that possible?🤔 Design, Build Quality and Customer Service are World Class. Chris thanks for the great customer experience. 🤙🏽

  4. As strong as titanium yet light as a feather!

    Michael Klos (verified owner)

    Super strong and light paddle. Paddled many top brand of paddles there is for surfing and have eventuallybroken the blades . Not this paddle , blade as strong as titanium yet light as a feather…very powerful and can paddle very long without fatigue !

  5. The perfect surf paddle

    Damon Toal-Rossi

    Excellent power paddling out, speed to catch waves, and strength for pivoting around the paddle. So light and yet super durable so far.

  6. The “Go to” surf paddle

    lundyfields (verified owner)

    I have been SUP surfing for 10 years now and have used some other brand name, high quality paddles – then I found the Black Project Surge Texcarbon. This paddle is amazing. It is SO light and strong. I have broken two paddles in large surf so having a strong paddle was important. I am so glad I found the Surge Texcarbon paddle. Chris provides great customer support as well.

  7. Great surf paddle

    pauldavidson1967 (verified owner)

    Now have 3 hydros – original SDS, a 3 piece for travel and a RDS Texcarbon. Liked the RDS so much bought a surge RDS medium as well for the waves. It hasn’t disappointed. Fantastic paddle. Ive been paddling with other top brand surf paddles but this is a step up. Super light swing weight, great feel and drive and its been through some pretty big wipeouts without a mark.

  8. Sick Paddle!

    Mike Staebler (verified owner)

    Incredibly light paddle! This is the second generation paddle i have owned, the precious Surge was a large and moved up to the XL with Texcarbon shaft- truly amazing quality materials. The paddle feels like an extension of your arms being so light and balanced. It is effortless to maneuver and switch from side to side while on a wave! Highly recommend to anyone for SUP surfing

  9. Out of the box, the build quality is obvious, super light, while the slim, slightly textured shaft is solid in the hands.

    Eric Chu

    Happy owner of new SURGE Med Flex/RDS paddle. out of the box, the build quality is obvious- super light while the slim, slightly textured shaft is solid in the hands. fantastic in the water. my strokes are much more consistent with less stress on shoulders, i believe the moderate but noticeable shaft flex combined with the scooping blade design makes it easier to get a solid catch on each stroke. light weight and smaller blade size gives me better, faster strokes with fewer slips and less body strain. and can’t go wrong with textured shaft. only downside is that now i want the hydro for distance racing! great work BP!

  10. Great personal service from Chris and the team.

    Ed Nimmons (verified owner)

    Durability is fantastic. Purchased this after other paddles had snapped or deteriorated quickly and it is bullet proof. Performance also great – as others have said it is surprising how much power you get from what would normally be a smaller blade compared to alternatives. Love the palm handle, very instinctive to know which way the paddle is facing (after wipeout etc). All good! Great personal service from Chris and the team.

  11. Really pleased with durability.

    Ed Nimmons (verified owner)

    First – this is bullet proof. I purchased a Surge after other paddles had snapped/deteriorated quickly. I have had this a few months and it’s like new despite putting through some heavy paces. Really pleased with durability. Performance is also awesome. I was used to larger paddles so I am surprised by how much power I am getting from what would normally be a small paddle for me. During surfing you know intuitively which way round the paddle is due to the distinctive palm grip (after wipeout etc). Other points – light as a feather, looks cool (silver), nice grip on the shaft. Nothing bad to say!

  12. T-Grip handle is spot on for SUP Surfing!

    William Silliman (verified owner)

    The SURGE paddle performance is AMAZING! Traded in my full Kevlar SUP surfing paddle for the surge…and the difference is noticeable immediately. This paddles catch is SOLID. The TEXCARBON shaft has flex but performs solid in surf. T-Grip handle is spot on for SUP Surfing! I have noticed that my arms & shoulders have no aches/pains after 2-3hr surf sessions…unbelievable…but TRUE!!! The SURGE paddle is the best damn SUP Surf paddle out there…PERIOD!!!

  13. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than other paddles. It’s worth it!

    Greg Harris (verified owner)

    The deeper I get into sup surfing the more I’ve realized the paddle is so vitally important. As I’ve gotten better at a higher cadence stroke, I’ve can feel that it exponentially puts more fatigue on your body. Getting this paddle, with a little more flex and smaller blade have made it so light and easy. I’m generating the speed I need. The fatigue is far less. I can go longer and more days than ever before. I love the rdm, even though I was very unsure about it at the beginning. It just feels like a natural extension of what I’m doing out there. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than other paddles. It’s worth it

  14. Rob (verified owner)

    After deciding to get the Hydro paddle and talking at length with Chris I also went for the Full Upgrade and got the Surge as well. I can honestly say it was almost like getting a new board in how much it changed my sup surfing. Immediately realized a race paddle is not a surf paddle. One “size” does not fit all. Start to finish, they dialed in the paddle to my specific style, board, height and weight. The blade size, shaft and handle are all specific to you. What really blew me away was the change in length Chris suggested. It was a game changer. And its so light! I’ve been using it now for 4 months and it is an incredible paddle. If you sup surf exclusively or want a paddle quiver – get this paddle!

  15. Lighter, softer and powerful, which equals less fatigue.

    John W. Gartman (verified owner)

    I am now on my second Surge sup surf paddle from Chris. I was first introduce to the brand through there innovative racing fins. Chris has taken the same amazing innovation, quality and technology with his lineup of paddles! Lighter, softer and powerful, which equals less fatigue …..and fewer injuries!
    Thanks Chris for creating the best paddles in the industry??????

  16. Tyler Scheid (verified owner)

    After 3 sessions paddle surfing, I can say the raw functionality, solid feel for such a light paddle, and user friendliness of this paddle has no parallel (in my experience of using other high end paddles for past 8 years). The medium flex texcarbon shaft has a really nice feeling flex pattern when you load it to whip into waves. The catch of 82in blade feels solid in all kinds of scenarios like powering back out through the soup, pivoting into a late drop, and gathering full speed to get in from behind the wave. They obviously spent a lot of time and iteration designing a paddle that’s a true pleasure to surf with, and super user friendly. Thank you Chris and Black Project!

  17. Richie Laing (verified owner)

    Just got hold of the new BP Surge 77 with all new shaft.Absolute cracker of a paddle and a super helpful and professional crew to deal with.Very happy indeed.

  18. Philippe Alexander Pagan

    Best SUP surfing paddle on the market today.

    I could end my review there. But will add that I am now the proud owner of a Surge 82/Medium/Tex/T-Handle.. It is so light that it actually makes a difference in wave count on really long days. The performance and fit and finish are not matched by any SUP paddle company in the world,. I can’t stress enough just what polished and high performance this paddle this is. Worth the investment. Buy it. Don’t think about it….just buy it. The ROI is incredible and the only downside is I will never want to use another paddle again.

  19. Randy Leopold (verified owner)

    I just received my new Surge L87 TEXCARBON with the medium flex shaft last week. It is truly amazing. In addition to being a work of art (quality and graphics), it adds power to my stroke, has a super positive ‘catch’, and provides instant acceleration. My wave count has gone up dramatically. Customer service is phenomenal… Chris responded to my questions immediately, and shipped my paddle same day Overnight. What more could you ask for?

  20. Leslie Cho

    I can’t rave enough about this paddle. SO LIGHT it’s unreal! This has really elevated my SUP surfing to a whole new level–basically I’m getting more paddling power per stroke with a lot less effort. The construction is super high quality, and I love the ergonomic handle–it fits so nicely into the palm of the hand so your paddle automatically faces the right direction without you thinking about it. It’s also sleek and super sexy. I feel like I’m surfing 10x better already. The claims about this paddle correcting your form and alignment and reducing fatigue are 100% true. Customer service was fantastic. Chris is a gem. Thanks!

  21. As Jimmy

    I went out in some small surf yesterday and tried my new 87 Surge paddle. All I can say is I immediately noticed an unbelievable difference. The flow and the power with this feather light paddle felt amazing. I thought I was on a pretty good paddle before trying BPS, really, it was a clunker in comparison. Also, now I’m excited to go out and try a race paddle soon. They must be amazing as well.


  22. WOLFF Thomas

    I just got SURGE 82 with medium shaft cut 1inch under my height for 75kg (7’10 and 7’7 about 80/82L). After average twelve sessions, very satisfied. Extremly light in bottom to roller and very confortable even during 3 hours. Thanks Nexpa surfshop(France)

  23. samsuissa (verified owner)

    This paddle is nuts!

    I have the 82/medium pro-carbon/T-handle Surge which I’m using for SUP foiling. It’s extremely light, with the right amount of flex! The blade is a little smaller than what I’m used to but it was suggested as to not hurt my shoulders. I feel like I’m actually paddling faster, (actual speed not just cadence) even with the smaller blade. The reduced diameter shaft is incredibly comfy as well. Excellent customer service and quick shipping are icing on the cake. Huge fan of these paddles now and look forward to new releases with the TEXCARBON model.

    P.S. can’t stress how light this paddle is, I don’t have much to compare it to besides my Trident surf paddle (an older model) but it’s probably half the weight or less. Woke up this morning and shoulders felt fine even though I paddled 2 1/2 hours yesterday in heavy chop!

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