5-Step Guide to Choosing the Right SUP Race Fin

Different disciplines, conditions and skill levels call for different types of SUP fins. Luckily, finding the fin setup that works best for your paddling style is easier than ever. While Connor Baxter’s guide to choosing the right fin(s) breaks fins down by discipline and paddlers’ skill level, this five-step guide provides a deeper look at the actual science of fins. You’ll learn more about how fins work and be able to confidently choose the right fin(s) for your needs.


Step #1
How do fins enhance SUP race board performance?

The basics of how fins influence board performance characteristics and how this affects your paddling experience.

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Step #2
How does paddler experience influence fin selection?

A paddler’s experience and skill level is an important factor in choosing a SUP race fin that will unlock maximum performance and fun for all levels.

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Step #3
What are the basic fin science fundamentals?

Breaking down the terms and technology used in SUP fin development so you can better understand and explain your fin’s performance.

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Step #4
Which fin is best for different situations and races?

Analyzing how different race environments influence SUP fin choice for every level of athlete.

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Step #5
Which fin base option do I need for my board?

Fin box dimensions are different for race and recreational paddle boards, quickly learn which is the right fin for your brand, model and year of board.

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