5-Step Guide to Choosing the Right SUP Race Fin

Different disciplines, conditions and skill levels call for different types of SUP fins. Luckily, finding the fin setup that works best for your paddling style is easier than ever. While Connor Baxter’s guide to choosing the right fin(s) breaks fins down by discipline and paddlers’ skill level, this five-step guide provides a deeper look at the actual science of fins. You’ll learn more about how fins work and be able to confidently choose the right fin(s) for your needs.

The basics of how fins influence board performance characteristics and how this affects your paddling experience.

A paddler’s experience and skill level is an important factor in choosing a SUP race fin that will unlock maximum performance and fun for all levels.
Breaking down the terms and technology used in SUP fin development so you can better understand and explain your fin’s performance.
Analyzing how different race environments influence SUP fin choice for every level of athlete.
Fin box dimensions are different for race and recreational paddle boards, quickly learn which is the right fin for your brand, model and year of board.



Black Project wins 14 SUP world championships in 2019

14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented.

14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented. Black Project enjoyed historic success in 2019, with our elite team of paddlers claiming 14 world championships and racking up dozens of race and surf wins around the globe. Powered by industry-leading paddle and fin technology, our paddlers were able to consistently overpower their competition and break records along the way. Results don’t lie and 2019 proved that Black Project’s cutting-edge fins and paddles provide our athletes with a significant edge. Of the 26 racing titles that were up for grabs this year, 13 were won with either a Tiger or Sonic in the fin box. Not to mention, eight of those titles were won by athletes using our Hydro race paddle. With so much success, selecting highlights from the past year was more challenging than we expected. Of course, these are the type of problems we like

Five Ways Standup Paddle Race Fins Affect Handling & Performance

Five Ways Standup Race Fins Affect Handling & Performance

Video: Five Ways Standup Race Fins Affect Handling & Performance A good standup fin can make a big difference in top speed, but where it really makes a difference is in board handling and performance. Helping you move through the water easier, allowing you to track better and letting you worry a lot less about steering so you can stay focused on just paddling. As conditions change, the ability to adapt and fine tune the characteristics of your board is really important. Rather than buying two or even three boards for different conditions, you can use fins of different sizes and styles and achieve a similar result. It’s really important to have more than one type of fin in your quiver. In this video Black Project’s founder Chris Freeman (@Chrisk97) talks through five characteristics of paddle board performance which can be influenced by fin choice – Tracking – Stability – Speed – Glide –