New PowerGrip Handle Will Maximize Your SUP Paddle Performance

If you want to paddle faster, the power is in your hands.  

Like a sticky set of tires on a sports car, a paddle handle is critical to ensuring you are not wasting effort on the water.  

Over the past twelve months, we have been hard at work refining the handles for our flat water and racing paddles. To make sure we got it right, we recruited the expertise of two elite paddlers—APP World Champion Arthur Arutkin and Maui waterman Bernd Roediger 

It took a lot of prototypes and many hours of on-water testing, but our combined efforts paid off with the all-new, PowerGrip Handle.  

“We developed the PowerGrip Handle with the goal of using 100% of the resources from the paddle,” said APP World Champion Arthur Arutkin. “That means putting as much power as possible on the handle, while also ensuring a better grip to maximize control of the blade.”  

Black Project PowerGrip SUP Handle

How the PowerGrip Handle Works

Optimized for maximum power, increased efficiency, and long-lasting comfort, the PowerGrip provides a significant performance advantage—no matter if you are battling for the podium or grinding out long training sessions.  

The PowerGrip is triangular in nature, with a wider, flatter and more upright back than our previous handles. The slightly curved back fits naturally in your palm, while the indentation on the front adds comfort and security when wrapping your fingers and helps maintain grip when the paddle is rotated forward. The combined features of the new PowerGrip ensure that it remains comfortable during longer races and workouts, while maximizing energy transfer to promote efficient paddling and speed.  

“The new handle was one of the most challenging projects we have ever worked on,” said Black Project Co-Founder, Chris Freeman. “In fact, we started a few years ago and shelved the project until Arthur encouraged us to upgrade. Not only was getting a clear consensus from a range of athletes difficult, but the actual process of modeling and producing the ideal handle design was demanding. Using our 3D printer for producing handle prototypes was crucial to the final development. In fact, Arthur used a 3D printed prototype at the Carolina Cup as part of our final testing process. This new handle represents a massive performance upgrade to racing paddles and I encourage all paddlers to take advantage and make the switch.”

What Black Project SUP Paddles is the PowerGrip Handle Designed For?

The PowerGrip is now featured on our high-tech family of Hydro paddles—the Hydro FlowX, Hydro SprintX, and Hydro TempoX. This innovative line of premier racing and fitness paddles was born with the Hydro FlowX—the ultimate paddle for racing and training—but has expanding to include the Hydro SprintX for sprint racing or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and the Hydro TempoX for recreational and fitness paddlers looking to hone their stroke technique.  

Adding the PowerGrip handle instantly improves each Hydro paddle by creating more power and better comfort. Like all our handles, the PowerGrip is constructed of hollow carbon to eliminate any excess weight. The matte finish provides a good balance between grip and comfort.  

Due to the nature of this handle, it is not ideal for all paddlers—getting the most out of this new racing design requires good technique and hard paddling. 

The PowerGrip handle is available in standard, slim, and our new ultra-slim shaft size – this new ultra slim version is designed to fit the new PowerTaper shaft. If you already own a Hydro FlowX, you will be able to upgrade your handle.

If you are ready to get more out of your paddle, our PowerGrip handle will not let you down.  

PowerGrip Handle Specs