Introducing The New MALIKO v3 SUP Racing Fin

The original Maliko was our best selling product of all time, so why change it?
By Chris Freeman 3 years ago

Introducing The New MALIKO v3 SUP Racing Fin

SUP race fin for increased maneuverability, tracking & stability, ideal for ocean racing

The original MALIKO was our best-selling product of all time, so why change it? While the original was much loved in a range of conditions, we knew that we wanted something a little different to open up a new performance tuning option. Rather than replace the Maliko with a new fin, we decided to split it into two lines each focusing and improving on a particular aspect of the fin that was enjoyed by paddlers in different conditions and disciplines. The new RAY took the stability, tracking and glide characteristic of the v2 and enhanced those, while the v3 took the downwind, ocean stability and speed of the v2 and blended that with the flow and agility of the Sonic.

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What are the main changes compared to previous version?

  • New curved outline for increased maneuverability.
  • New foil for increased speed.
  • New construction for lighter weight & increased durability (25 grams lighter).
  • Smaller area 223 cm² / 34.6 in²  (19.8% less area).
  • Shorter length – 21cm / 8.27 in (3cm shorter).

Who will benefit most from the Maliko v3 SUP race fin?

The Maliko v3 is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers who want the stability and ease of use familiar with the v2 but with added agility much like the smaller Sonic. With a 45° rake this fin will easily shed weed, kelp and trash. Thanks to proprietary foiling and a low drag profile those who switch from the v2 will notice a speed increase. The biggest improvement will be noticed in ocean and downwind conditions where the Maliko v3 will enable a more agile and flowing glide. Those with boards with a forward fin box placing (which reduces board tracking) will benefit from the increased length and area compared to the Sonic and Tiger. The new fin will also be ideal for surf races, especially in rougher conditions where a little extra stability is helpful, similarly the Maliko v3 is ideal for channel crossings and longer distance paddling.

How does it fit into the SUP race fin collection?

The Maliko v3 is our 2nd largest SUP fin in the line up and is ideally suited for a wide range of paddling conditions.


New construction featuring LiteCORE technology

Our new hand-laminated, ultralight carbon construction takes quality, light weight and durability to new levels. While the previous RTM molded fins were great, we still saw room for improvement and implemented it in the V3. The new layup featuring our carbon infused LiteCore technology enables us to control weight, strength and flex more precisely than before. The result is a paddleboard race fin which is race now approximately 25 grams lighter while being more resilient to damage.


What do paddlers say about the new Maliko v3 SUP race fin?

“I’ve been comparing the v2 and v3 side by side on my Starboard Sprint (14×23”) and Starboard Allstar (14×23.5”) for the past number of weeks. The draft and surface area of the v2 were bang on perfect my larger size – 6’2” 205 lbs., so I was a little skeptical with the v3 at first due to the decreased surface area, but the hold on the v3 is fantastic. I felt comfortable on both boards with the new fin within the first week. The biggest change point for me is the reactivity of the v3 going downwind…. Getting from bump to bump was easier, the board reacts quicker and I don’t feel like I’m fighting the board as much as did.” Glen


“I am completely blown away at how amazing this fin is. I have the Sonic which is also incredible for surfing, flat water and buoy turns. I was looking for a second fin that would allow stability and provide excellent tracking. This fin does not catch weeds, tracks straight and is very fast. We also did a test downwinding and the longer profile really helps with steering the board and keeping you stable.” Ted


“Tracking is spot on upwind and going into swell, with no noticeable drag but then downwind it feels fluid and responsive. Perfect for people like me who don’t want to have to keep changing fins depending on the conditions. Similarly, if your budget means you can only have one fin, then this has to be the fin of choice, In my view, this is the fin that is suitable for all and for all occasions.” Chloe


While the first small batches of MALIKO v3 SUP race fins were mainly reserved for our team members and a few of our partner stores, the first sizable batch will be ready to ship in just a few weeks. Supply is tight right now (thanks to a lot of pre-orders from stores) so we suggest placing a pre-order online to ensure that you are one of the first to receive the new fins ready for the season-opening major event—Carolina Cup—where we will have plenty of paddles and fins on display/demo.






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