Black Project SUP athlete Arthur Arutkin just won his maiden world champion SUP racing title on the 2018 APP World Tour, but experts predict it won't be his last.

Arthur Arutkin Wins Maiden APP World Champion Title

French waterman and Black Project athlete Arthur Arutkin has earned plenty of accolades during his tenure as a professional standup paddle racer and windsurfer. He’s a three-time national SUP racing champion, he’s made podiums at the ISA World SUP Championships and he’s a former silver medalist in the French Windsurfing Championship. But the most prized title on his resume came at the final stop of the 2018 APP World Tour, where Arthur won his maiden SUP racing world title at the Paris SUP Open in front of his home crowd.

“Arthur has always been a serious talent on the APP World Tour, but in 2018 all the training and focus that he placed on his competitive season certainly paid off. Given his talent and commitment, this almost certainly won’t be his only Title.” Tristan Boxford, CEO of the APP World Tour.


For a better look into the life, training and approach of our team’s new world champ, we caught up with Arthur for a little chat about his season.

Arthur Arutkin is no novice on the APP World Tour. While this may be his first world title, experts predict it will not be his last.

BP: You’ve been competing on the APP World Tour for years. What went differently this year that helped you earn your first world title?

AA: I focused more on my race training this year and it really paid off. I was also feeling super confident with my gear, which I think made a great difference. I really started thinking about (the world title) after the New York SUP Open. I was feeling great about racing and I knew I could do well this year.

Arthur takes on the distance race at the Paris SUP Open in his home country.

What was it like to win your first APP World Title with all your family and friends watching?

It really felt amazing—my family and friends were so stoked. I couldn’t be happier to share it with them.

There were major political protests going on in Paris during the Paris SUP Open. What was that experience like and did it affect your mind state going into the race?

It was really heavy. I wasn’t sure we could run the event, but it ended up going and we did not see much of the protests.

Arthur celebrates victory at the Paris SUP Open Sprint Races.

The sprint race at the Paris SUP Open took place in an indoor pool this year. How did you like competing in those conditions?

It was really interesting. I think it could really promote the sport to have more show races like that, but the format could be improved a lot with a bigger pool.

You won your sprint race against Casper Steinfath by 0.06 seconds to claim the event and your first world title. How did it feel when you realized you won?

Casper is probably the best sprint racer I know, so I knew it was going to be super tight. When I realized that I’d won both the sprint and the title I was so relieved. It had been a long week!

Arthur also won a gold medal at the New York SUP Open earlier this year.

Tell us about your Black Project equipment this year. How did it perform for you?

It felt amazing, I really love the Sonic fin. It gives me more maneuverability than other fins, especially downwinding and in surf like New York. I use it in most conditions but also have a Tiger fin if I need something for longer distances. For surfing I’m currently using the Zane Pro Model. It’s so easy to turn with and incredibly light as well!

What are your goals for next season?

I want to keep training and hopefully do as well in competitive SUP racing as I did this year. I’d also like to progress in windsurfing and of course, have fun every day I spend in the water!

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Words: Arthur Arutkin / Mike Misselwitz / Black Project
Photos courtesy of APP World Tour
Follow Arthur on Instagram at @arthurarutkin