14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented.

14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented.

Black Project enjoyed historic success in 2019, with our elite team of paddlers claiming 14 world championships and racking up dozens of race and surf wins around the globe. Powered by industry-leading paddle and fin technology, our paddlers were able to consistently overpower their competition and break records along the way.

Results don’t lie and 2019 proved that Black Project’s cutting-edge fins and paddles provide our athletes with a significant edge. Of the 26 racing titles that were up for grabs this year, 13 were won with either a Tiger or Sonic in the fin box. Not to mention, eight of those titles were won by athletes using our Hydro race paddle.

With so much success, selecting highlights from the past year was more challenging than we expected. Of course, these are the type of problems we like to face.

Seychelle Webster wins APP World Tour

Seychelle Webster  was on a mission to win her first-ever APP World Tour championship in 2019 and she would not be denied. Using Black Project’s dynamic combination of the Hydro paddle and Tiger fin, her journey to the APP title included impressive wins in London, Osaka and Paris.

SUP World Champion - Seychelle Webster - fastest fins and paddles

In addition to her success on tour, Seychelle also notched a big win in October at the Chattajack––a 31-mile race on the Chattanooga River. For this race chose the Sonic fin, which is ideal for river flow, shallow water and weed sheading.

Seychelle’s Paddling Tips

Fiona Wylde Wins Euro Tour and Sunset Beach Pro

One of the most inspiring paddlers in the sport, Black Project team athlete Fiona Wylde also had a standout season. Not letting Type-1 diabetes hinder her performance, Wylde started collecting trophies back in February after winning the Sunset Beach Pro––the biggest SUP surfing contest of the year.

SUP World Champion - Fiona Wylde

Over summer, she switched boards and continents but the results did not change. Wylde claimed five Euro Tour race wins en route to her first Euro Tour championship. And just for good measure, Wylde finished the year on a high note by winning the prestigious Paris SUP Open in December to claim the overall APP World Title (Racing and Surfing).

Championing Diabetes: How Fiona Wylde is Beating The Odds In SUP Racing & Surfing

Connor Baxter Makes SUP History…Twice

No stranger to the top step of a podium, Connor Baxter turned in two iconic performances in 2019. In August, Baxter paddled his way into the history books by becoming the first SUP racer to ever win a Gold Medal at the Pan American Games.

Choosing A SUP Race Fin: Advice from World Champion Standup Paddler Connor Baxter

Of course, Baxter wasn’t done making history. Baxter’s next big moment came in Japan, when the Maui local not only won the 2019 ICF Mens Sprint Racing World Championship, but made SUP history by becoming the first person to finish a 200 meter sprint race in under 47 seconds. His blistering time? 46.38 seconds.

SUP World Champion - Connor Baxter - Tiger Fin upgrade for Starboard Allstar

When he wasn’t busy making history, Baxter was instrumental in the testing and development of Black Project’s 2020 fin collection, including his brand new fin – The Condor. Developed on Maui and throughout the latter half of Connor’s season, the Condor is our smallest race fin to date and provides top-level speed and maneuverability for elite paddlers.

Connor Baxter’s New Fin – The Condor

Olivia Piana Leads BP Team to Six Golds at ICF Worlds

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention Olivia Piana’s incredible performance at the 2019 ICF World Championships in China. Powered by he favorite Tiger/Hydro combo, Piana claimed two world championships in two days by winning both the Sprint and Technical races. In fact, all of our team athletes performed well in China, with Black Project racking up an incredible six gold medals with wins for Sonni Hönscheid, Connor Baxter and Rai Taguchi.

SUP World Champion - Olivia Piana - fastest sup fins and carbon paddles

Black Project Athletes Dominate With Six Golds at 2019 ICF World Championships in China

Vinnicius Martins Joins the Elite Ranks at the ISA Worlds In El Salvador

Brazilian Vinnicius Martins claimed his maiden ISA gold medal with a win the Mens Distance title using his Sonic to glide through the bumpy conditions.

SUP World Champion - Vinnicius Martins - Sonic Fin

Black Project’s Youth Team Shines

Preparing the next generation of paddlers is paramount to Black Project’s mission. Our team includes some of the most talented junior paddlers on earth and their 2019 results proved as much.

Already poised to become one of SUP racing’s future stars, Rai Taguchi won two ICF World Championships in the Junior Mens Distance and Technical races. Not to be outdone, fellow junior standout Christian Andersen claimed his first ISA World Championship in El Salvador after winning the Boy’s Junior Technical Race, while Taguchi took Silver.

SUP Junior World Champion - Christian Anderdsen

SUP Junior World Champion - Rai Taguchi - Hydro paddle and fin upgrade for SIC Maui RS

Jade Howson went one better than 2018 where she claimed the ISA junior title by winning her first senior gold medal winning the Women’s ISA Sprint World Title.

SUP Junior World Champion - Jade Howson - Sonic fin upgrade for SIC Maui RS

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Overall, this season has been a testament to our dedication and success. With a world-class team of professional paddlers, we are able to use their invaluable insight, feedback and innovation to better design every fin and paddle we produce.

There’s a reason elite athletes trust Black Project to get them across the finish line first. The 2019 season just proved why.

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