Introducing the Pure: The Ultimate Entry-Level SUP Paddle

For beginner paddlers, bad equipment breeds bad habits.

Oversized plastic blades, heavy aluminum paddle shafts, and cheap plastic grips are used far too often amongst entry-level paddlers. Low-quality equipment not only makes paddling more difficult, but causes increased fatigue and injuries. Unfortunately, these mediocre first experiences drive people away from SUP before they’ve ever tried decent equipment. We’re here to change that.

Meet the PURE — a beginner-friendly paddle that delivers impressive performance and exceptional value.

This entry-level carbon paddle is ideal for families looking for elevated performance in a lightweight and durable package. The bold colors help it stand out from the pack, while the advanced blade design and premium construction delivers a rewarding paddling experience for recreational paddlers.

5-Step Guide to Choosing a SUP Paddle

Black Project PURE SUP paddle

One of our core beliefs is that every paddler—regardless of skill level or budget—should have access to high-quality paddles. Keeping in line with that mission, the Pure is the most affordable recreational paddle we’ve ever offered. Despite the low price point, the Pure offers a huge performance upgrade over other entry-level paddles on the market.

The improved performance begins with our brand new REFLEX35 UD construction. Designed from the ground up, this entry-level carbon construction combines unidirectional carbon and fiberglass to create optimal flex, without sacrificing durability. Taking an innovative approach to development, we were able to achieve the high-performance and lightweight construction you would expect from us, but at a price point which will be attractive to new paddlers.

In addition to the new construction, we also infused high-performance DNA into the Pure—including our Scooped Dihedral Technology and anti-twist adjustment. The single dihedral design is scooped out on either side of the central forward ridge to hold water securely through the power phase, eliminating lateral blade movement and delivering forward thrust in a smooth, efficient manner.

Bernd Roediger uses a Black Project Pure, a beginner SUP paddle, while paddle boarding in Maui.

Available in 3 blade sizes, each with an optimized adjustment range, the Pure caters to a wide range of paddlers.

At Black Project, we’re passionate about standup paddling for a simple reason: we’ve watched this sport change people’s lives. It doesn’t matter how you paddle—touring, racing, surfing, training, etc—the physical and mental benefits of being on the water are huge. Whether casually paddling around the local lake or training to compete at the highest levels of our sport, we’re here to support your journey.

If you’re ready to start paddling or know someone who is, make sure that first paddle stroke is a PURE stroke. You’ll be glad you did.

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