Two of standup paddling's sleekest, strongest and highest-performing brands—Infinity and Black Project—come together to build one awesome SUP paddle.

Meet The All-New Infinity Whiplash Paddle By Black Project

What do you get when the standup paddling’s top performance board builder and highest-quality paddle maker come together to make one awesome product? You may be thinking “Destiny,” but we’re calling it the Whiplash. Introducing the new high-performance, all-around paddle by Infinity and Black Project. Designed in collaboration between both brands, this new speed demon offers not only the market’s highest-quality, performance-driven design, it’s also the coolest-looking drive shaft we ever did see. Get your hands on a Whiplash and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Until then, here’s some insight from Infinity lead-designer Dave Boehne and Black Project founder Chris Freeman to wet your palate.

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What inspired you to team up?

Dave Boehne: We are both fresh, exciting and emerging brands and our passion for the sport shines through. It’s always fun to collaborate with friends, and we don’t make paddles but our fans were asking for us to make one. It made a lot of sense to collaborate with Black Project on a high-quality premium paddle since our brand messages are well-aligned. Premium quality, innovation and performance is what we both hang our hats on. I also think Chris and Black Project are doing the best job in their space not only product wise but in support of standup paddling in general with supporting athletes, events, and continuing to push with authenticity.

What type of paddle is the Whiplash and how did the designs come to be? 

Chris Freeman: Initially we have started with an all water paddle, one size fits all, great for weekend racers and dedicated surfers alike. The new WHIPLASH 90% carbon paddle will be available in fixed, adjustable and 3-piece adjustable options. In time I am keen to develop the range of Infinity paddles.

What aspect do you love most about the Whiplash?

Dave Boehne: I love the versatility. Our first model comes in one blade size as an all-around, all-water design with premium construction and components. You can surf, race and cruise with this blade. It is mid-range in size and fits most everyone. This paddle could truly be considered a one-paddle quiver for most people.

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What key attributes make the Whiplash different from other SUP paddles?

Chris Freeman: Performance and quality are always our number one priority but being able to work with the designers at Infinity was super cool, they have some great ideas and a killer brand story. With the paddle artwork matching their boards I think they have a real winner. Pretty stoked to have our name on their paddle too – Engineered by Black Project.

How do you feel about the quality and technology?

Dave Boehne: Even though we are friends we would not make paddles with Black Project if the quality and tech was not there. Infinity is known as a premium performance brand. We don’t even make entry-level boards, it’s simply not what we do. Black Project exceeds our expectations in performance and it feels like a natural fit.

sup paddle, infinity sup, whiplash paddle, build by black project, carbon, lightest, palm handle

How do Infinity and Black Project compliment each other?

Chris Freeman: I only wish our brand could be as cool as Infinity! I have greatly admired their products, story and promotion for a long time. Being a small company, it is cool for us to be able to share ideas and learn from others. Dave (@thebrownblurr) is one of the Instagram accounts I follow most closely; he kills it! Both companies are obsessed about performance and it is not surprising that many of our retail partners in the USA and overseas stock both Infinity and Black Project. Black Project is proud to be independent, but it is rewarding and a true measure of how far we have come to see brands such as Infinity wanting to work with us.

The new paddles will be available to buy soon from your local INFINITY retailer or via their website


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