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Category: Choosing SUP Surfing fins

Introducing the All-New Infinity FLASH Race Paddle by Black Project SUP

Introducing the Infinity x Black Project ‘Flash’ Race Paddle Norm-breaking, record-shattering, performance-driven––these are just a few of the factors that Dave Boehne (Infinity) and Chris Freeman (Black Project) consider when designing a new product. So what happens when standup paddling’s top performance board builder and highest-quality paddler maker team up and collaborate? They create a race paddle that is so fast, it can only be named––the FLASH. As an encore to their successful collaboration in 2019, Black Project and Infinity went back to the drawing board to build an even faster, lighter and smoother paddle. The FLASH meets those goals and more––a premium pro-level race blade that is ideal for paddlers ranging from professional racers to weekend warriors looking for an ultra-light, high-quality paddle. For more details, Infinity lead-designer Dave Boehne, Infinity athlete and APP World Tour Champion paddler Shae Foudy, and Black Project founder Chris Freeman share some insights about

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6 Things to Know About The Hydro REFLEX Paddle

Introducing the Hydro REFLEX SUP Paddle When you are in the heat of battle, knowing you’re armed with the superior paddle is a good feeling. Check that, it’s a great feeling. But while not everyone is ready to splurge for the best paddle in the sport, nobody should settle for mediocrity. To bridge the gap, we created the Hydro REFLEX. This paddle features all of the same cutting-edge, race-winning technology we put into the original Hydro, while using an alternate construction material. Our REFLEX construction consists of 100% carbon, but allows us to offer our top-line race paddle at a more attractive price point. To learn more about the Hydro REFLEX and what members of our paddling ohana are saying about it, here are five things you should know.   View 2021 Paddle Collection #1 – What makes the Hydro REFLEX different from the regular Hydro? The REFLEX version of the Hydro is

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The Benefits of Rounded Edges and Seamless Joints on a SUP Paddle

Safer, Lighter & Stronger SUP Paddles In the early days of SUP, there was one particular issue with paddles that really bothered us––the simple act of paddling was damaging our boards. Paddles with sharp edges and pronounced joints (which many brands still use) would cut into our boards, especially when using an unstable blade that’s prone to wobbling and bouncing off our rails. Eventually, these small impacts lead to big rail damage––both cosmetic and structural––which can affect both your paddling experience and resale value. To ensure our paddlers don’t run into those issues, we carefully design our paddles to protect both your board and body. Solution #1 – Rounded Paddle Blade Edges All of our paddles are designed with carbon-reinforced, rounded blade edges. While we experimented with using plastic ABS edges on our paddles, the carbon structure proved more reliable over time. The rounded edges do not damage your board and

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Black Project’s 2021 SUP Paddle Collection

Black Project’s 2021 SUP Paddle Collection A message from Black Project Founder – Chris Freeman @chrisk97 I am proud to introduce our 2021 collection of high-performance SUP paddles. Each one of these innovative products has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure the highest quality and ultimate on-water performance. We believe every paddler, regardless of skill level, benefits from lighter, stronger and more efficient paddles and fins. With a lethal combination of cutting-edge technology and real-world feedback from our elite team of professional athletes, we are able to better design every paddle and fin we produce. The result is a collection that delivers superior speed, maneuverability and unmatched quality, a paddling experience that can only come from Black Project. After winning 19 World Titles in 2018-2019, we were eager to build upon that success in 2020. But like so many people around the world, we were forced to take a

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Introducing the Hydro FlowX

Introducing the Hydro FlowX It’s time to change the game. For the past decade, Black Project has been dedicated to designing the world’s most high-performance SUP paddles and fins. And while our team athletes have racked up 19 World Titles and smashed World Records – our ultimate goal is to help every paddler get the maximum enjoyment out of their paddling experience. In this pursuit, we have pushed the envelope and bent the “rules.” Now, the time has come to throw out the rulebook entirely.   Meet the Hydro FlowX. The World’s First Three-Dimensionally Designed Paddle Featuring a completely reimagined design, the Hydro FlowX is a paddle unlike any other. At first glance, your eyes will pop at the feature on the neck of the blade––an innovative new design that we call Advanced Flow Technology (AFT). It is designed to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade

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Black Project – 10 Years of Innovation and Performance

Black Project – 10 Years of Innovation and Performance Black Project was born out of a shared love for improving the on-water experience for paddlers of all skill levels. 10 years later, our passion for designing high-performance paddles and fins has only gotten stronger. And while we love seeing our athletes set world records and win world titles––BP athletes won 14 titles in 2019––what truly inspires us is YOU. We want YOU to experience that same stoke and love for watersports that inspired us to make our first fin over a decade ago. This is our story and we welcome you to join our ohana. The Start Black Project originated from humble beginnings as a backyard project for co-founders Chris Freeman and Tom Hammerton. The goal was simple: Design a better windsurfing fin that would elevate their performance and speed. While these custom fins were originally made for their own personal

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Whipr, The New SUP Inspired Fitness Sensation

Whipr, The New SUP Inspired Fitness Sensation Luke Tipple was frustrated after repeatedly experiencing one of standup paddling’s most common problems––losing paddle fitness when life’s hectic schedule kept him off the water. But instead of complaining, Tipple designed a portable, home training solution––the Whipr.  Small enough to pack away in your carry-on luggage, yet precise enough to simulate the feel of real paddling, the Whipr was designed to improve your paddling fitness, both at-home and on-the-road. Determined to simulate the most realistic standup paddling experience possible, Tipple enlisted the expertise of Black Project SUP. Over the past several months, Black Project co-founder Chris Freeman has worked in collaboration with the Whipr team to develop and manufacture the SUP accessory––an exclusive Black Project paddle shaft that attaches to the Whipr base unit. “Black Project makes exceptional equipment,” said Tipple. “I knew there wasn’t a better designer and builder on the planet

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Introducing The Paddle Bag

Introducing The Paddle Bag The padded, variable length, lightweight, low absorption, utility SUP paddle bag, ideal for long days at the beach & events. Inspired by our worldwide travels with the Black Project team the new paddle bag is designed to protect your paddle(s) while providing convenient storage of your paddling essentials.   The external sectioned mesh pockets hold your fin, phone, rash guard and leash while the pocket has a hidden key saver. The two individually padded paddle sleeves will keep your Black Project paddle(s) protected while not on the water. Built in lightweight and low absorption fabric weighing just 29 oz / 820 grams. The innovative fold over length adjustment system is designed for paddles from 57″ to 84″ (145cm – 213cm) and is secured with Velcro for ease of use and longevity. The sliding handle and shoulder straps ensures that the bag remains balanced even with varied

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The TEXCARBON Shaft Range & Flex Categorization Explained

The Most Technologically Advanced Paddle Shaft In response to a few questions recently, I wanted to give a little more insight into our TEXCARBON shaft range with particular focus on the new flex categorization for 2020. Shaft design, construction and flex is one of the most important, and often overlooked aspects of paddle design. Choosing the correct shaft is vitally important when customizing your paddle.   Available TEXCARBON Shaft Options We have six TEXCARBON shaft options to suit all paddlers from 100 – 250 lbs (45 – 114kg).   Standard Diameter (SDS / 29mm / 1.14”) STIFF50 MEDIUM75 SOFT125   Reduced Diameter (RDS or SLIM / 26.5mm / 1.04”) MEDIUM75 (formally known as RDS Stiff) MEDIUM100 SOFT150   TEXCARBON shafts in order of stiffness Through testing and analysis, we have set 75mm of flex, as the midpoint in our range. This is the flex which is suitable for a widest range of paddlers.

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Black Project’s 2020 SUP Surf Fin Collection

Black Project’s 2020 SUP Surf Fin Collection In developing our range of surf fins we worked with two very different types of surfers; Zane Schweitzer and Bernd Roediger, this resulted in two very different types of fin sets. Each set of fins is carefully designed to exaggerate a different aspect of surfing and best suit different surfing aims. The result is surf fins which are conceived and engineered to make you a better SUP surfer. To select a set of SUP surfing fins which best compliments your style, first you need to answer some questions about how you like or want to surf. The answer to these questions, should factor into your decision when picking a set of SUP surfing fins, as finding a setup that caters to how you surf and where you surf can drastically improve your surfing performance and lead to greater enjoyment of the sport.   ZANE – Thruster & Quad The

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Catching Up With ISA Youth World Champion – Christian Andersen

Catching Up With ISA Youth World Champion – Christian Andersen 19 yr old Christian Andersen (@christian_k_andersen) has been making name for himself during the past few paddling seasons with courageous performances in multiple disciplines. 14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented. Based in Klitmøller, a remote fishing village in northern Denmark he is strong, determined and not afraid of the cold. APP videographer Stuart Howells took the trip north to catch up with Christian in his hometown. Follow and interact with Christian on Instagram @christian_k_andersen More SUP Resources 14 World Titles – Unprecedented in the History of Standup Paddling SUP Racing Tips From World Champion Fiona Wylde 5 Steps to Choosing & Customizing Your Paddle Compare Black Project Paddles SUP Surfing Tips from Mo Freitas The Benefits of Softer, Smaller and Shorter SUP Paddles

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14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented.

14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented. Black Project enjoyed historic success in 2019, with our elite team of paddlers claiming 14 world championships and racking up dozens of race and surf wins around the globe. Powered by industry-leading paddle and fin technology, our paddlers were able to consistently overpower their competition and break records along the way. Results don’t lie and 2019 proved that Black Project’s cutting-edge fins and paddles provide our athletes with a significant edge. Of the 26 racing titles that were up for grabs this year, 13 were won with either a Tiger or Sonic in the fin box. Not to mention, eight of those titles were won by athletes using our Hydro race paddle. With so much success, selecting highlights from the past year was more challenging than we expected. Of course, these are the type of problems we like

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Black Project’s 2020 Slimline Ergonomic Anti-Twist Adjustable Clamp System

Black Project’s 2020 Slimline Ergonomic Anti-Twist Adjustable Clamp System We are pleased to announce that Black Project adjustable paddles will be receiving a significant upgrade with our completely redesigned clamp system. Effective immediately, this new adjustment clamp will be used on all adjustable paddles leaving our factory. With improved features and a slimline design, we believe this upgrade results in an enhanced paddling experience.   New Design Features Redesigned for 2020, this ergonomic adjustment system allows your hands to easily slide over the shaft without getting caught on the clamp. And with the lever integrated into the main body of the clamp, it creates a low-profile design that enhances the overall aesthetics of the paddle. To prevent any unwanted twist, the adjustable shaft features a flat section along one side that perfectly matches up with a corresponding 45mm long (1.75”) flat section on the inside of the clamp. The increased

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Black Project’s 2020 SUP Race Fin Collection

Black Project’s 2020 SUP Race Fin Collection For 10 years, Black Project has been on a non-stop mission to revolutionize SUP race fin performance. With each passing year, our team remains dedicated to developing new technology, collaborating with our athletes and constantly striving to provide paddlers with a product that will significantly improve on-water performance and race results. Related: Five Ways SUP Race Fins Affect Handling and Performance 2019 has been no different. Black Project’s elite team of engineers and professional athletes have been hard at work –– meticulously designing, testing and fine-tuning our existing fins, while also designing a brand new fin for 2020. Constructed with Ultralight Carbon, featuring our proprietary, carbon-infused LiteCore technology, our 2020 race fins deliver superior speed, maneuverability and unmatched quality –– our finest collection of SUP racing fins yet. Championship Results The 2019 season has been a testament to our dedication and success. Black

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Introducing Connor Baxter’s New Fin – The Condor

Introducing Connor Baxter’s New Fin – The Condor   After 12 months of extensive research and development, Black Project’s elite collection of high-performance SUP racing fins is getting a new addition for 2020. Meet the Condor. Representing our smallest race fin to date, the Condor combines elements of the Tiger and Sonic to provide better top-end speed for both advanced and elite level paddlers. Determined to develop the fastest fin on the planet, we enlisted the knowledge of Black Project athlete and 2019 ICF Sprint Racing World Champion, Connor Baxter. One of the most winning paddlers in the sport, Baxter took a lead role in designing the Condor, applying both his invaluable experience and our advancements in fin technology to create a world-class product. Fellow Black Project team paddlers including Seychelle Webster, Martin Vitry, Fiona Wylde and Bart de Zwart also provided feedback, giving us a wider range of perspectives.

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