What Are The Different Types of SUP Paddle Handle & Which One Is Best For Me?

Finding a handle that’s right for your paddle depends on the type of paddling you do and your preferences in grip style. It’s an important personal decision, albeit a fairly simple one, but the amount of different SUP handles available on the market can make selecting the right paddle handle confusing. Black Project makes it easy by offering two handle options that are optimally designed for various disciplines—the Palm handle (often referred to as the Ergo) and the T handle (similar to traditional Tahitian OC paddle handles).

Palm (Ergo) Handle

The Palm handle is ergonomically designed for comfort, particularly during longer sessions. It rests to the form of your palm with increased area and rounded edges, making it comfortable for high-intensity gripping and prolonged amounts of time. Because of the ergonomic shape, the Palm is the preferred handle choice for recreational flatwater as well as all racing disciplines. It’s curved nature enables you to rotate your hand easily throughout your stroke, and the focus on comfort helps keep your hand relaxed over long distances. The Palm is the easiest handle to pick up and go paddle with. If you’re not certain what handle works best for you, this handle is a great place to start.

T (Tahitian) Handle

The T handle has a curved back and a flat front, making for a very different feel than other handles you might have tried. It is designed to be held in an asymmetrical manner with your thumb and forefinger looped around one end, and your other fingers on the opposing side of the handle. We recommend this grip specifically for surfing for a few reasons. First, the asymmetric shape of the handle allows you to know which way your paddle is facing without looking, giving you instant feedback that comes in clutch in surf. Whether you are grabbing your paddle after a wipeout or surfing the wave face, this quick reference point helps you react faster without much thought. While this handle is comfortable for long surf sessions, it’s not as ideal for longer distance flatwater paddling. Note: If you are coming from an ergo style handle it might take a few sessions to feel comfortable with the T handle, but the benefits can be worth the adjustment in the end.

Handle Finish & Look

Our handles have a grippy matte finish. Our REFLEX carbon paddles come with our signature red handle while the TEXCARBON paddles come with the natural kevlar/carbon finish which matches the blade.

Gluing Your Handle Correctly

We strongly recommend the use of our extra strength hot glue for all handle assembly to avoid leakage and breakage.