Built because kids need specific equipment to have the most fun (& because our Founder Chris has a nephew who loves to paddle!)


Lightweight & durable SUP paddle perfectly optimized for kids so they can progress quickly

Built to encourage the next generation of paddlers, the Grom paddle was designed specifically for kids. Featuring a slim-fit fiberglass shaft for more flex and comfort combined with a carbon reinforced blade for enhanced performance.

The XS blade, ideal for kids and smaller paddlers is now available in both Hydro FlowX and Surge options and gives smaller paddlers the power and comfort they need. The red shaft ensures your kids stands out on the water. The Surge version is ideal for all-round recreational use and surfing while the Hydro version is best suited for aspiring young racers.

With 30cm (12″) of anti-twist adjustment the Grom paddle will suit all your kids and adjust as they grow.

The Hydro FlowX (racing) version has an adjustment range of 155 – 185cm compared to the Surge (surfing) version which has a 145 – 175cm adjustment range.

Set at a low price point, the Grom paddle will start your little paddler off the right way and get them hooked on a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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