How a Paddler’s Experience Influences SUP Fin Selection

It is important to get the right fin for your needs and not just follow the professional athletes – that goes for all equipment. It is very easy to go too small and while we encourage you to experiment with smaller fins it is always a good idea to have a bigger fin ready for those choppy days on the water especially on race day. The big thing to remember is that you are not fast if you are falling off. This section aims to help paddlers identify what they really need from a fin upgrade.


For those progressing onto race boards and starting to increase the mileage, a SUP fin which offers more tracking and stability will be crucial. Pure speed is less important than ease of use and staying dry is faster than falling off. A bigger fin with a thicker foil will be ideal.

Best bet: RAY for all around or MALIKO for downwind.

What does “FOIL” mean? Check out our Fin Science 101 Guide



As paddling experience and fitness levels increase, paddlers will want to experiment with smaller fins to achieve faster average speeds. This is especially true with boards they are comfortable on and in calmer conditions. However, keeping a bigger fin on-hand is always smart for paddling on those choppy days.

Best bet: Consider trying the TIGER for all around and MALIKO for downwind (or in surf) but keep a RAY for rough days.



In the hunt for race-winning speed, elite paddlers use narrower boards and smaller fins in all conditions. These athletes will be paddling at a very high cadence with frequent paddle swaps. Being at one with their equipment, these paddlers do not need to worry about stability.

Best bet: TIGER and/or SONIC depending on conditions.



How do our SUP race fins suit different paddlers’ experience?