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90% Carbon All-Water SUP Paddle


(14 customer reviews)


90% Carbon All-Water SUP Paddle


(14 customer reviews)


A lightweight & forgiving SUP Paddle built to excel in all conditions from flat water to surfing

Versatile, strong and lightweight, the LAVA is your best bet if you want one paddle to do it all.

This full carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles, but features a more forgiving blade design that’s better suited for a less aggressive and lower cadence paddle stroke. 

Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the Lava caters to all paddlers in all conditions.

All Lava paddles come complete with our Paddle Bag ($100 value).



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14 reviews for Lava

  1. An all terrain

    artrax2004 (verified owner)

    After a year of use I still love its versatility, reliability and superb quality.
    I would not hesitate to buy it again.

  2. I Love This Paddle!!

    Max P (verified owner)

    This Paddle is nice and light weight, yet it has some nice flex on the shaft. The handle is extremely comfortable. This is my favorite paddle yet!!!

  3. It’s not for sale .


    A good light paddle makes the paddling experience so much more enjoyable . More strokes and less fatigue . My catch has improved using this paddle .
    When I encounter another paddler I’m not ask how I’m doing , I’m asked ‘how’s the paddle and how much do you want for it ‘

  4. An excellent choice

    constantinos.panayides (verified owner)

    After having used the Lava for a few months one, I can confirm its description of a paddle performing well in all conditions. Light enough, easy on shoulders and back even on long rides and very efficient. Especially at this price range, I do not think one can find a better alternative. Super satisfied with my choice.

  5. Well-rounded & efficient


    This paddle’s looks and feel are best in class: light, stylish and sturdy. Incredibly efficient and lives up to a variety of racing & surfing uses. Blade angle and “scoops” work to deliver plenty of power for a paddle with a rectangular profile. Will not disappoint.

  6. Light and Strong

    jgriffit40 (verified owner)

    It’s quite a bit lighter than another carbon fiber/nylon blade that I have. However, it’s much stiffer and powerful. You feel the amount of power you put into it immediately. I was quickly impressed. The blade angle also seems to make all the difference in the world.

  7. Excellent paddle

    Tracey (verified owner)

    It’s much lighter than my previous carbon fiber paddle. I’m in love with my new paddle. I let my friends try it to and now they also want to get one lol I have a red and white SIC board so the color also is a match to my board.

  8. Best Service and Paddle ever!!

    Chris (verified owner)

    I get a lot of compliments on my infinity board and even more on my BP paddle! Definitely gonna send some customers in this direction. I don’t think I would consider any other paddle!!!

  9. Excellent all around paddle

    cmh.103146 (verified owner)

    I added the Lava to my paddle quiver after being blown away from my purchase of a Hydro Reflex (I left a separate review on that product page if interested; love that paddle as well). I mainly am using the Lava on my more relaxed days when cruising flat water or in slightly more adverse conditions (including ocean paddling). The Lava, like the Hydro Reflex, is strong, smooth and just a delight to paddle. I would agree it has a slightly more forgiving feel than the Hydro line, especially with the 10 degree offset; but, it is still just as clean on the catch and pulls through to release with ease. I started paddling over 10+ years ago, and I wish I had learned to paddle with something like the Lava. It is a cut way above all the other general all-around paddles … and it is so light, I wonder how I paddled with anything else prior! (I also cannot recommend the Slim shaft option enough for those with smaller hands. Absolute game changer, and is – in my opinion – better than the Werner Small Fit. Thank you to Chris and the Black Project team for offering this option!)

  10. Due Diligence Paid Off!

    WK Walsh (verified owner)

    I’ve been paddling for a few years and was looking to move up from recreational paddleboarding. I spent weeks researching and reviewing every paddle manufacturer I could find. I note some still create and some have moved to mass production enterprises. Narrowing the view to the remaining dedicated paddle shapers, Black Project hit more details on my list than any other. I went all in and made the purchase directly from the company and was not disappointed! I was able to get my paddle sized and shipped to me on the East Coast in three days from the date of MY order!!!!!!! I honestly believed they sent me an empty box until I found the paddle inside. Out on the water, this paddle has perfect entry and exit, no more splashing around with the cheap, heavy paddle. The lightweight carbon of the Lava has reduced fatigue and improved performance, perfect flex through the stroke, allowing focus on technique, speed, and real open-water distances. I love this paddle, it looks good, feels good, and compliments my new SIC RS perfectly. Thank you Black Project SUP!

  11. I never knew it could be this good!

    Robbie Arkovich (verified owner)

    I spent a couple of weeks reading about paddles and deciding I was ready for a nice paddle. I came across many good brands but Black Project stood out from the rest. I like that this company only builds paddles and fins for paddle boards, not produces them as a side line along with many other products. I like that it is a small business, which is important to me especially in these current times. I like that they are in Hawaii, that’s just cool. Thinking about my current paddle, I am just experienced enough to know that it is pretty good. Now, after two days of paddling with my new Lava, I can say my old paddle was good but THIS is what a paddle should be. I spoke directly with Chris, the owner of BP, who personally answered my email within minutes and called me back to discuss his paddles with me. He explained in detail how the paddle should be tailored to one’s size and type of paddling. I was skeptical of some of his recommendations for me and the paddle but this is why we seek out and listen to the professionals, right?. Everything he suggested was perfect. I now understand shaft flex, blade size, shaft diameter, etc, He created the perfect paddle for me and it has made such a difference with comfort, speed, and fatigue. Now, its only been two days…so I guess I’ll just have to paddle again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, just to test it out (at least that’s what I’m telling my wife).

  12. Great Surf Paddle. Get more Waves!

    Garry Gee (verified owner)

    I have been using my Lava fixed length with T handle for well over a year now and love it.
    Its only used for surfing and find the weight, performance, comfort and flex to be just right for me.
    I SUP surf at least 3 times a week and it still looks like new. A very strong and light paddle with excellent construction and finish.
    As an average surfer I find this paddle has improved my surfing and I reckon I get more waves.
    The T handle is a great for smaller hands like mine and helps my keep my grip in critical situations.
    The expert advice and support from Black Project are also second to none.
    Give them a call if you have any questions at all.
    A pleasure to deal with and a class leading product.

  13. What a difference!! The Lava paddle is absolutely amazing paddle.

    Mike Jones

    Can a paddle change your life? Well maybe not, but the right one can really make your SUP adventures a lot more enjoyable. I’m a 52yr old, 5’10”, 225 paddler. Although I am an avid paddler and gym nut my shoulders have suffered from years of over use. I previously paddled 100+ in blades with long and very unforgiving carbon shafts. I was skeptical about moving to a completely new set up. I sized down to the 89” blade with the medium flex shaft and took 4 inches out of the length. What a difference!! The Lava paddle is absolutely amazing paddle. It catches cleanly, pulls strong and releases quickly. From the very first few strokes I knew I made the right move. I loved it so much I turned right around and added a hydro for my races. This I the best paddle you will find and the only one you need.

  14. My new best friend on the water.

    Khris Loux

    Love my new paddle; super lightweight, awesome performance, & very durable. It’s my new best friend on the water. Special thanks to the team for allowing us to pick up at your office on Maui and for sharing video of your factory production process — very cool.

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