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100% Carbon SUP Race Paddle

Hydro Reflex

(5 customer reviews)


100% Carbon SUP Race Paddle

Hydro Reflex

(5 customer reviews)


The lightweight, balanced & responsive SUP paddle for touring & racing.

With a generous sweet spot and industry-leading power per square inch, our Scooped Dihedral blade shape produces better propulsion, reduced fatigue and a stable pull

The full carbon REFLEX version of the Hydro paddle is ideal for the recreational racer, the same great design with very attractive pricing. This is the paddle construction which some of our athletes including Annie Reichert have been using this season with great success.

The REFLEX version comes complete with a MEDIUM flex shaft which is ideal for most paddlers.

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5 reviews for Hydro Reflex

  1. Awesome Paddle

    Michael Preuß

    The Paddle is unbelievably light and fast! I could not believe how much of a difference this thing makes in my paddling! I can paddle longer at a much higher cadence and I’m not getting tired! It feels so gentle in the catch and Power Phase that I thought at first, I couldn’t go very fast-until I saw that wave on the nose of my board! I have absolutely no fatigue in my shoulders any more!
    On top it looks like a work of art!
    The customer support with BP is also one of the best I have encountered so far! The website provides all the information you need to choose the perfect paddle or fin for you. Chris was also extremely quick and supportive answering any questions!
    Next BP is a Fin for my new Board!
    Fantastic Company and Paddle!!!

  2. Paddel und Service einfach unglaublich...GUT!!!

    Daniel Denecke

    Ich bin als Sup-Tourer in den letzten 6 Jahren immer mal wieder auf BLACK PROJEKT PADDEL aufmerksam geworden und habe mich nun kurzentschlossen 1 Woche vor meinem 2-wöchigem „Paddelurlaub“ an der Ostsee und Mecklenburgische Seenplatte einfach mal „getraut“, mir ein neues zu kaufen…und das auch noch so kurzfristig aus dem entfernten Hawai.
    Form/ Design/ Material und Bewertungen haben mich schon sehr neugierig gemacht.
    Auf der Webseite wird man EXCELLENT informiert, ich konnte die gewünschte Paddelform, Materialien, Ausführungen, einfach ALLES bis ins Detail auswählen und wurde über entsprechende Infoseiten, Tabellen und Anleitungen zu meinem Wunsch-Paddel „geführt“….
    Ich muss an dieser Stelle auch ausdrücklich den einfach unglaublich netten Kontakt mit Chris betonen, der innerhalb kürzester Zeit auf alle Fragen und Wünsche reagiert und geantwortet hat! Er hat mich PERFEKT beraten und sich persönlich um die Konfiguration gekümmert. Das Beste schlussendlich war, dass ich 5 Tage später tatsächlich meine neues Paddel in den Händen hielt und es einen Tag später mit in den Urlaub nehmen konnte!! Das ist schon sensationell!
    Ich konnte das „HYDRO-REFLEX L Medium„ jetzt gut 1,5 Wochen auf der Ostsee und auf diversen Seen von Schwerin bis Berlin testen und bin absolut begeistert! Ultra-Leicht, Extrem schnell, einfach ein sagenhaftes „Feeling“….teilweise fühle ich mich zum „Racen“ animiert 😉
    Technik, Paddel-Schlag und Führungseigenschaften überzeugen mich TOTAL und ich möchte behaupten, dass dieses Paddel bislang das BESTE ist, was ich bislang in den Händen hatte!
    Das wird bestimmt nicht mein letztes Paddel von Black-Project sein….Die Finnen teste ich als nächstes…
    Black-Project hat mich mit seinem Paddel und seinem sagenhaftem Service absolut überzeugt!
    Das müssen andere erst mal nach machen!

  3. Amazing Upgrade for a Non-Racer

    Courtney H (verified owner)

    I have been paddling for about 10 years, and while not a racer, I was looking to upgrade my paddle. I had originally started on a QB Sweeper and then moved to a Werner Zen, so smaller paddles were something that I was already comfortable with and now realize have been much easier for the wear/tear of my body. I have a fairly strong, confident stroke that leans more towards a higher-cadence – not racing cadence, but not cruiser cadence, either. Maybe call it sporty cadence? LOL! 🙂 As I have progressed in both strength and distance, I researched and found Black Project. From my surfing experience, I know that some of the best and most progressive equipment comes from Hawaii, so when I read about the R&D that goes into these paddles, I was instantly intrigued (and this Web site is a wealth of information, which I also appreciated). I reached out to Chris (founder) for some guidance given I was NOT racing but interested in a more high performance paddle. I was also looking for something lighter and of which would be adaptable at my age (mid-40s). Chris was so quick to respond. Based on my paddling style/weight/boards, he recommended this Hyrdro Reflex (over the Lava) … and he was absolutely right. I cannot get over the lightness in the feel. It weighs practically nothing! I also appreciate this paddle will hold me accountable to technique – I can feel the difference if I am just slightly off vs. being rewarded for when I make a clean stroke. Strong, powerful, smooth – everything a paddle should be. The Slim shaft is a fantastic option for those of us who have smaller hands (which I do … and it beats the Werner Small Fit in my opinion). My great thanks to Chris and the Black Project team for the development of this paddle, and the methodology behind it. Highly recommended to non-racers!

  4. Higher cadence! without the added stress


    Blown away! So light I couldn’t believe it. This paddle allowed me to maintain that higher cadence throughout a race and significantly reduce the fatigue I used to feel. I now own 2 different sizes depending on the type of paddling I’m doing that day.

  5. Smaller blade, lighter paddle, faster cadence, superb racing paddle

    Adrian Soper

    Since I changed over to the Hydro Reflex earlier this year for my racing it has changed the way I paddle. I went for a smaller blade and combined with the light carbon shaft this has improved my cadence and helped my stamina in long distance events, protecting me from fatigue.

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