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100% Carbon SUP Race Fin


(5 customer reviews)


100% Carbon SUP Race Fin


(5 customer reviews)


SUP Race Fin For Top-End Speed & Agility. Designed With Connor Baxter For Elite Paddlers

This new fin is dramatically smaller than anything we have made before, as a result it comes with the stark warning – this is not a fin for all paddlers.

The Condor is designed for the competitive world were fractions of a second make the difference between winning medals and obscurity.

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5 reviews for Condor

  1. Speed and maneuverability

    David McMillan (verified owner)

    Highly recommend for the more advanced paddler. You’ll notice an immediate change in stability but not a great deal and well worth the extra speed and ability to turn more easily. Found that the difference on my SIC RS wasn’t as significant as with my 404 JUMP. Maybe the shape of the base plays into that.

  2. GPS Does not Lie!

    Steve Arkell (verified owner)

    Was so pleasantly surprised when I ran this fin for the first time. My first thought was it would wander as it has so little surface area. To my surprise the fin tracked the same as my tiger and was ever so slightly faster for me. I did an alternating 1 mile course with one turn at the 1/2 mile mark. Ive run this fin on Multiple board with very favorable results. Not sure how Chris made this little fin work so well but the GPS does not lie. Awesome fin!

  3. Amazing speed and good tracking for the small size

    Susanne Eder-Meyer

    Given the small size of the Condor, I was expecting a difficult tracking before I tested it – but the result was really amazing:
    I could still get a very good tracking while having a super average speed. I’m using it on my Lightcorp Signature 2.0 in both, 22″ and 23″ and this fin works perfect on these boards – this fin gives you for sure extra speed. This fin is really the best I’ve ever tested and is ideal for training and I will probably use it in my first 2021 races!

  4. All that you need and nothing you don't

    Damon Toal-Rossi (verified owner)

    Bought this with slight concern that it would be too “expert” for me. It was unfounded. While this fin does require paddle technique to track straight over long distances, it’s not extra work to do so. Doing a 100 stroke-per-side exercise is no issue with good technique (and weather). The reward is a fin that does everything you ask of it and nothing more, in a good way. It’s super fast on flat water but holds a line well enough in bumps to be used in light downwinders. It disappears on kick turns then re-engages as soon as the nose drops. After paddling with this for most of the summer, when I switch fins it feels like I’m dragging an anchor. This is an excellent “less is more” fin for those willing to work for their speed.

  5. Game changer!

    Ishay Grushka

    Like most SUP junkies, we always try to get an edge, after speaking to Chris, I decided it worth a try to try the CONDOR, after all, its Connors reputation behind it. My first real test was a 14K pretty much flat water in the mediterranean sea (Israel) on my 425 PRO OUTLAW 14’x 22″, I was able to get probably an extra 0.5-0.7km/h, for me that is huge, anything to get that little extra speed will help me during competitions and group training. Highly recommended for the hardcore paddlers.

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