Meet the Ohana: A Family-Friendly SUP Paddle

Making lifelong memories with loved ones is a gift—epic experiences that are talked about for years, if not decades. 

Standup paddling together as a family is that type of experience. To ensure you maximize your family’s time and fun-factor on the water, you want a paddle that is adjustable, lightweight, and very forgiving. 

Designed to maximize family fun while minimizing cost, the Ohana is the ultimate family-friendly SUP paddle.

Lightweight and durable, it represents a big performance upgrade over other entry-level paddles on the market. This 60% carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles, but features a more forgiving blade design and paddle construction that is better suited for recreational paddlers.

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Ohana Recreational SUP Paddle from Black Project

Most people’s first SUP experience comes on an inflatable paddleboard with a heavy aluminum paddle—the big box store special. While this is a cost-effective way to get yourself and the entire family on the water for the first time—you’ll want to ditch that low-performance paddle as soon as you can. The easiest upgrade you could make is investing in a quality entry-level SUP paddle—our cost-conscious Ohana is a great option. 

The increased performance starts with the Ohana’s scooped dihedral blade technology and extended tapered scoop, which helps the blade maintain stability and deliver consistent power. To further assist beginner and recreational paddlers, the Ohana’s moderate 10° blade angle promotes an a smooth paddle stroke, while a ridge along the front of the blade increases stiffness both vertically and laterally, resulting in increased strength and stability. 

The Ohana also weighs significantly less than other entry-level paddles thanks to our Reflex60 construction—a 60% carbon and fiberglass blend that features a 12k carbon blade and new UD carbon shaft for enhanced performance and longevity. The smooth matte finish enhances grip and the medium flex shaft generates power and reacts quicker than other shafts.

Our ergonomic 100% carbon handles come with a vivid red matte finish—ideal in both hot and cold climates. The Palm handle fits comfortably in your hand for easy paddling and long days on the water. The Ohana also comes with our ergonomic clamp system, which makes it easy to adjust the paddle to a wide-range of different sizes—ideal for sharing this paddle amongst your friends and family.  

Lara Claydon standup paddling with a Black Project Ohana SUP paddle.

Available in 3 blade sizes, 2 shaft diameter options, 2 handle options—plus the ability to choose between Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable—the Ohana caters to all paddlers in all water conditions ranging from surfing to flatwater cruising and travel. 

At Black Project, we’re passionate about standup paddling for a simple reason: we’ve watched this sport change people’s lives. It doesn’t matter how you paddle—touring, racing, surfing, training, etc—standup paddling is one of the healthiest and most memorable activities you can do together with the entire family. 

Shaft Diameter (mm)STANDARD (29)STANDARD (29)S L I M (26.5)S L I M (26.5)
Actual Size (cm2)581.8530530490
Actual Size (in2)90.282.1582.1576.0
Paddler Weight (KG)80 – 10565 – 8560 – 8045 – 70
Paddler Weight (lbs)175-230140 – 185130-175110-155

If you’re ready to start making family memories through standup paddling, the Ohana is the perfect paddle to get started.

We’ll see you on the water. 


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