How To Measure SUP Paddle Shaft Stiffness

By Chris Freeman 5 months ago

How To Measure SUP Paddle Shaft Stiffness

Understanding shaft and SUP paddle flex will help you make an informed paddle buying decisions; remember that in general, heavier paddlers need a stiffer shaft whereas lighter paddlers need a softer shaft.

To be able to compare shafts we need a precise way of measuring flex. By understanding how shafts bend under load we are able to fine tune your paddling experience.

To measure the flex of our shafts we:

  • Support the shaft at two pivot points 150cm apart.
  • Apply 50kg of force to the center of the shaft.
  • Measure the deflection in millimeters.
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What do the numbers mean?

A shaft with a rating of 75 bends 75mm when the 50kg force is applied.

What is considered a stiff, medium or soft shaft?

  • Stiff = < 65
  • Medium = 65 to 105
  • Soft = > 105

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